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J & Lim Consultants was established in 1997 with the mission of providing management and consultancy services to corporations that are of small to mid-size organizations. It specializes in corporate development, strategic corporate initiatives and measures that designed to bring out the full potential of corporations.

Our consultancy also deals with bridging services in the areas of financial, commercial and industrial business developments.

Financial services: BGs, MTNs, CDs, currency exchange, Private Placement Programs

Commercial services: corporate funding and loans with collateral in Asian countries.

Industrial services: buy and sell of commodities and minerals such as urea, rice, crude oil ( D2 and M100) , iron ore, manganese ore, nickel ore, steamed and coking coal, gold, used rail, scrapped metals ( HMS 1& 2) , scrapped vessel. Officially representing a Indonesia-based supplier that provides Palm Acid Oil ( PAO) l, Bio-diesel ( eg B100) and Rare Earth minerals.

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