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Pupuk Tanaman Pekarangan l Pupuk Buah l Pupuk Bunga l Pupuk Tanaman Hias l Pupuk Sayuran - www.kencanaonline.com
Pupuk Tanaman Pekarangan l Pupuk Buah l Pupuk Bunga l Pupuk Tanaman Hias l Pupuk Sayuran - www.kencanaonline.com

Pupuk ( 60 Pack ) Gramafix® Buah [ Fertilizer For Fruits ]

Price:Rp 450.000,- Per Karton Isi 60 Pack 250 gr (loco Bandung)
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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Quantity:@ 250 gr per Pack x 60 Pack Per Karton
Pack. & Delivery:Karton PVC + DUPLEX ( 90 mm x 60 mm x 60 mm)

The potential development of tropical fruit not only for consumption only. Planting of tropical fruit on agroforestry and urban horticulture has become an important effort. Fruit crops can also serve as ornaments to beautify the urban plants and not only can improve the air, but also contribute to the ecological balance. Research activities to increase productivity and improve quality is one of them by improving fertilization technology.

One of the technologies of fertilizer and fertilization of fruit is done by introducing fertilizer formula khsusus fruits. Specific fertilizer Gramafix ® Fruits ( Fruits Fertilizers) is specially formulated for the needs fertilizing fruit trees such as durian, avocado ( Persea americana Mill) , Duku ( Lansium domesticum Corr) , guava, pineapple, mango, mangosteen ( Mangifera spp) , bananas, citrus ( Citrus sp) , and jackfruit, based on the results of network analysis and leaves the group of plants. Gramafix ® Fruit contains completeness of macro nutrients ( NPK) , secondary nutrient ( Mg, S, Ca) and micronutrients ( Zn, Fe, Cl, Mn, B, Bo, Mo) and expressed in the form of tablets the size of 10 grams. With the form and content, the fertilizing fruit trees will be efficient and effective. Loss of fertilizer element that occurs due to the provision prill form in the soil surface becomes inevitable because the form of a tablet embedded into the soil about 10-15 cm. Similarly, taste the fruit and its influence will be significant productivity from a secondary role of macro and micro essential.

For example, durian fruit trees produce year to -5 ( TM 5) - as recommended dose by the Center for Horticulture related fruits are 166 kg Urea, 207 kg SP36 and 176 KCl / Mop or the total number of doses of 549 kg kg / ha / yr will have the content effective nutritional equivalent of 140 kg Gramafix ® Fruit / ha / yr. In durian plant population of 100 trees per ha, then the dose per tree per year equal to 1400 gr / Phn / year ( 140 tablets @ 10 Gr / year) or 700 gr / 6 months.

Application 700 gr Gramafix ® Fruit / tree / 6 months can be made 4 or 8 points Portugal / the hole, Gramafix ® Fruit by the way buried each 15 to 18 points ( @ 10 g) per hole ( for penugalan 4 holes / tree) or as much as 7 to 9 tablets for penugalan 8 hole fit 8 directions of the compass. After the fertilizer embedded, the hole is closed again. It is recommended that at the time of fertilization, net of grass around the plant pests ( weeds) .

The following example, fertilization by using Gramafix ® pineapple fruit on the plants after 2-3 months old plants with fertilizer Gramafix ® Fruit. Fertilization subsequent aftershocks repeated once every 3-4 months until flowering and fruiting plants. The dose used was NPK fertilizer tablets Gramafix ( Fruit) Composition N content-K2O-P2O5-MgO-CaO is 17-8-12-0-2 micro, form of fertilizer in the form of tablets, weight 10 grams per tablet, one tablet every suggestion dosisi between 2 plants.

The way the provision, Gramafix ® Fruit buried or inserted into the trench as deep as 10-15 cm between the rows of pineapple plants, then cover with soil. Another way Gramafert spray on the leaves is especially needed Organic Nitrogen content of ± 900 liters per hectare.

The low dose Gramafix ® than single fertilizer mixture for their efficiency in tablet form and nature of the slow nutrient release ( slow release) ensure no soil leaching and evaporation as affected by fertilizer application sow ( prill) on the surface. Thus, the magnitude of this dose is guaranteed to have an effective nutrient content equivalent to 549 kg of a mixture of single fertilizers ( Urea, SP36 and KCl) . In the same way, the dose Gramafix ® Fruit on durian would require 20 kg ( Age Th-1) , 30 Kg ( Age TH-3) , 60 Kg ( Age TH-3) , 120 Kg ( Age TH-4) , 140 kg ( TH-5) , 220 kg ( Age TH-6) , 260 Kg ( Age TH-7) , 300 Kg ( Age TH-8) and 360 Kg ( Age Th-9, etc.) .

Similarly, the citrus crop, fertilizer formula will be required Gramafix ® Fruit Planting citrus Age TH-1, TH-2, TH-3 and TH-4 in a row 40 Kg, 120 Kg, 200 Kg and 360 Kg of fertilizer Gramafix ® Fruits .

In the new banana plants planted, buried in the vicinity of rooting around 2, 5 kg of compost and 50 g ( 5 tablets @ 10 grams) of fertilizer Gramafix Fruit. Tablet ditugal at a depth of 15 cm from soil surface, buried for 6 months following a further 50 grams.

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