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Indo Tehnik
Registration Date: Nov. 24, 2010, Last Updated: Jul. 22, 2011
Business Nature: Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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General Technical Supplier And Distributor Of Karcher, Bosch, WIM, Multipro, Tenka, And Bullocks Products. But We also sell hoist product such as Vital and Elephant Brand, and other technical product. And when you need welding tools we offer you to use Victor And Cigweld with the best quality gurantee. So, If you need anything, we can find it for you, just call us at 021-62320753, 62320763 or come to our place at LTC Glodok Lt.GF2 Block A19 No.6-7, Hayam Muruk street No.217- West Jakarta.
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Mr. Aldi Chundra [Employee]
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Y!: Y!: indotech_jkt
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Phone number of Mr. Aldi Chundra at Jakarta Barat
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Mobile number of Mr. Aldi Chundra at Jakarta Barat
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Fax number of Mr. Aldi Chundra at Jakarta Barat
LTC Glodok Lt. GF2 Blok. A19 No.6-7
Jakarta Barat 11180, Jakarta
Valid Address
+ 62 21 62320763, + 62852 21272872
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