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Kawat las KOBE
Payment MethodTelegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery5 kg / box
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Welding electrode, KOBE

For Mild steel, High tensile & pipe line welding :

- Kobe type RB 26, AWS E6013
- Kobe type B10, B14, B17, AWS E6019
- Kobe type LB52, LB52U, LB26, AWS
- Kobe type LB52-18, AWS E7018

For Stailess steel

- Kobe type NC 36, AWS E316-16
- Kobe type NC 36L, AWS E316L-16
- Kobe type NC 38, AWS E308-16
- Kobe type NC 38L, AWS E308L- 16
- Kobe type NC 39, AWS E309-16
- Kobe type NC 39L, AWS E309L-16

For Hard surfacing :

- HF 350, JIS Z3251 DF2A 400 B
- HF 500, JIS Z3251 DF2B 500 B
- HF 600, JIS Z3251 DF2B 600 B

For Cast iron :

- CIA-1, AWS ENi - Cl
- CIA-2, AWS ENiFe - Cl
- CIA-3, AWS Est

Other Type :

- Kobe type Tigrod TGX 308L, AWS
A5.22 R 308L T1-5.
- Kobe type Tigrod TGX 309L, AWS
A5.22 R 309L T1-5.
- Kobe type Tigrod TGX 316L, AWS
A5.22 R 316L T1-5.

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