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Indonesian Vegetables and Fruits Berjaya
Indonesian Vegetables and Fruits Berjaya

Buah-buahan Indonesia

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Specification:Fruits we sell are picked and / or harvested from the best farms in Indonesia.

We can supply the best fruit for you in the amount you need each period. Per day, per week, per month, and so on.

Fruits we sell are super high quality fruit, which is the number one quality for each commodity. However, we also provide lower quality fruits. We can tailor to your requests and needs.

For now we provide fresh fruits such as:
1) Medan Orange
2) Coconut
3) Pisang Ambon / Ambon Banana / Cavendish Banana / Gros Michel Banana
4) Pisang Candi / Candi Banana --> Open this link --> http: / / ms.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Pisang_Tanduk
5) Barlin Banana
6) Salak / Snake Fruit
7) Coffee
8) Tomatoes
9) Pineapple
In addition to fruits mentioned above, we also can supply whatever fruits you need.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at. tel:

+ 62 8990 363 989
+ 62 341 846 1 846

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Yoga Tama [Owner/Entrepreneur]
E-mail:Send Message
Mobile Number:+62-341-8461846
Phone Number:+62-341-8461846
Address:Jalan Guntur
Malang 65112, Jawa Timur
Whatsapp, WeChat, and Blackberry PIN : By request.
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