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Seedling " Somalense var Somalense "

Seedlings of species adenium, imported as seeds from Thailand.
Most of the flowers have red lines inside the throat, spread out three lines in each petal.
The age of the plant is 3 months minimum. Caudex diamater is 1-2cm.
The beauty of buying small seedling is that you can enjoy a small shipping and handling fee/ plant as 1 kg of shipment will fit to 10-15 plant.
Hybride of Arabicum, Thai Socotranum or Somalense are not to be grafted as growing this plant means hoping a good form of the caudex, stems, branches and flower in unity.
Price Rp 15.000, -/ plant.

Price:Rp 15.000,-/plant
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Pack. & Delivery:Cartoon Box

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