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Hizib Fatihah | Pengobatan Alternatif
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Specification:If explored further, Hizib Fatiha has so many benefits that we can not call and explain everything here. In relation to Islamic healing method, Hizib Fatihah is not only useful to treat a variety of medical ailments, but also nutritious non-medical cure ( black magic, witchcraft, pellets, witchcraft) , sharpen memory, do ruwatan, fencing unseen body, emitting an aura of health, neutralize toxins or can, clean heart and a dirty mind, and improve overall quality of self. For more details you can refer to the Benefits page. While on this page we only mention some of the advantages Hizib Fatihah as a healing practice using the surah Al-Fatihah. As for some of the advantages of Ustadz Masrukhan Hizib Fatihah is as follows:

Do not have any risks or side effects, meaning safe and many blessings.
Do not use drugs made from chemicals, simply by reading Al-Fatihah to media mineral water, Zam-zam water, honey, dates, food and other essential media clean, pure, healthy and halal.
Treatment without surgery or injections, enough energy transfer Al-Fatiha prayer.
Does not require elaborate rituals weight or penance, without fasting and without any other heavy tirkat.
Hizib Fatihah and can be practiced by all people, of any religion, and anyone who wants to learn and be good intentions into practice.
Practice safe Hizib Fatiha, is not contrary to the teachings of any religion and did not use the help of jinn or other spirits can be dangerous.
Fatiha Hizib practice of www.HizibFatihah.com packaged in a modern spiritual traditions without abandoning the elements, making it practical, easy, and God willing many benefits and blessings.
Can be obtained from a distance or by coming directly to the Parapsychology Association archipelago in Kudus, Central Java. And consultation with Ustadz Masrukhan directly if you wish to fit our provisions.
Hizib Fatiha is one method or way / science of healing the easy way to do it and a lot of benefits as well as tangible evidence of success using Hizib Fatihah and already thousands of years ago to the present. Including one of the science that is used Ustadz Masrukhan and families in helping many people in curing various diseases.
Hizib Fathih can also be used to ruwatan supernatural, cleansing the body' s energy, emitting an aura of health and energy transfer in yourself and others.

Principles of Healing Hizib Fatihah

Principle healing Fatihah Hizib actually quite simple. Healing is obtained by using the inverse of what causes the disease and guarded it with something similar. But this can not be achieved except by the power of healing and the lives of the people who want to be cured reaction. Thus, there are three elements here; compliance with disease drug, the seriousness and willingness to treat the sick to receive healing. If these three elements have been understood, and you will have the ability to discern what is useful and what is not, and match drugs with disease who want to be treated as using a sword to cut something that can indeed be cut with the object.

Treatment methods Hizib Fatihah

For some people, treatment with Hizib Fatihah method is often considered as an alternative treatment. Though the term alternative medicine still provoke controversy of its own in the world of health and medicine. Because alternative medicine practices seem less controlled and potentially harmful to patients' health because they do not have enough knowledge about the effects and side effects of conventional drugs. In fact, the practices of Islamic medicine in general and medicine in particular with Hizib Fatiha has no side effects and does not use harmful drugs. That' s why there should have been a clear distinction between Islamic medicine with alternative medicine. Alternative medicine practices are closely linked to the culture and traditions of the local people believed, whereas treatment with Hizib Fatihah Islami refers to methods of treatment performed by the Prophet Muhammad, as hijamah therapy, Zamzam water, olive oil, dates or honey. Methods of healing or treatment Hizib Fatihah just by reading Al-Fatihah as a key healing prayer, after you practice it amaliah. Simply read Al-Fatihah in the media you have, get water, zam-zam, honey and more, it becomes a method of healing Hizib Powerful Fatihah many blessings.

One way or the methods used Ustadz Masrukhan in using Hizib Fatihah for various purposes such as: healing various diseases, protection and ruwatan supernatural, emit / energy transfer health and healing, as well as other needs using Hizib Fatihah and energy transfer medium such as water, zam-zam water, olive oil, dates and more.

Can you see the photo below, Ustadz Masrukhan healing and energy transfer with Hizib Fatihah using water media and zam-zam water.

Talking about treatment methods refer to the tradition of the Prophet certainly would not be complete without mentioning the word ruqyah. Ruqyah or that we are familiar with the spell is one of the treatment he had been taught the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. When the Messenger of pain then came the angel Gabriel approached him a very beautiful body, then Jibril read one prayer he breathed into the body of the Prophet, he was instantly healed. In life, there are three ways in which the Prophet Muhammad in ruqyah, namely:


Nafats of reading the Qur' an or prayer then blown on both hands and then rubbed into the entire body of the sick patient. Before reading the three letters, the Prophet first read the surah Al-Fatihah, and closed it with Al-Fatihah, then blown onto the palms of his hands and rubbed all over the patient' s body.

Saliva is attached to the right hand

Narrated by Bukhari-Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad bahwasannya when someone scratched then wound, he read Al Fatihah and prayers saliva then affixed to the right hand, then rubbed in the wound the man. It also shapes how to heal with Hizib Fatihah.

Laying hands on a limb

Prophet Muhammad never ordered Uthman ibn Abil Ash who are sick to lay hands on the sick limb before reading the prayer.

Although not the same, healing Hizib Fatihah is not much different ruqyah treatment methods, the method of energy healing prayer. To cure a medical condition, you just need to set up dates, honey, olive oil or a glass of water as an intermediary. Then read surah Al-Fatiha and blew the intermediaries earlier. God willing, patients who drank or ate dates / honey / olive oil / water will soon recover from his illness. In fact it has been studied from the experts from Japan, that the energy of the water may change its benefits prayer blessing or greeting.

One thing you need to underline before deciding to practice Hizib Hizib Fatiha Fatihah is that the practice is not just a question of rapal-cast spells or recite prayers alone. You should first set our hearts and minds right, because it is impossible to have one without the blessings of spiritual healing a sincere heart and a clean mind. Niatkanlah practice science Fatihah Hizibn you for a good purpose for the benefit or the benefit of the people and the ummah and the wider community. Use your ability to help those in need, and do not ever brag, because after all healing comes from God. Posisikanlah yourself as an intermediary between God and His servants who expect a cure. God willing, Hizib Fatihah will bring many blessings and a field of its own charity in your life.

Hopefully what you resume practicing today will be a boon for you tomorrow later. And blessings to all the benefits of practice and utilize Hizib Fatiha for all the grace and Ridho Allah SWT. Amen.

Barokallah .........

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