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Priority Trust

Priority Trust Symbol Priority Trust service is a service that allows business people to build credibility of membership & reliability of its information. Your Priority Trust membership allows you to display your credibility by allowing you to post certificates and awards. Priority Trust service also provide more tools for business promotion such as promotion at internatinal trade show. Your Priority Trust profile contains third party reference information from your customers, other Priority Trust members and trusted credit service companies.

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SMS Service
Time is very important on trading. Itrademarket realize it and do this service that comfort and easy so you can make fast respond to any inquiries you get. Itrademarket will notice you via SMS in 24 hours anytime you get inquiry.

This cost is FREE if you subscribe to Priority Trust Service or you only pay US$49 per year for subscription to SMS Service only.

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Expanding Your Market
  • Get Priority Listing
    If you are a Priority Trust Member, your posted Trade Offers are ensured priority listing in Trade Offers List, Company List, and Product Catalog features.

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Certificates and Awards
Display your company certificates and awards online!

You may upload your company and product certificates and awards to your Certificates page. Fill in a form and mail with your copies of certificates to Itrademarket by mail.
How can I upload my certificates and awards?

(A). Click "Certificate" on the left-hand menu.

(B). Fill in a certificate description form and submit it.

(C). Type the certificate reference number on the back of each certificate copy, together with your UserName and company name mail it to Itrademarket by mail.

(D). Itrademarket's Customer Service team will approve your Certificates within one working day upon receiving the forwarded certificates.

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Authentication & Verification
Priority Trust Members are required to pass an Authentication and Verification check by send copy of your Business Registration to Itrademarket by mail.
Your basic company and member info (including company name, business address, name, department and position/job title) will be authenticated and verified once you have completed your Priority Trust registration and payment process.
After get authenticated and verified, you can start using your Priority Trust services.
  • In what cases might I not pass the Authentication & Verification, and what will happen in such a case?

    There are two possible reasons that an applicant might not pass Authentication & Verification:

    (A). The applicant or applicant's company cannot be contacted by our partner, Asian Company Profiles Ltd (ACP)'s Authentication & Verification team.
    In this case, our partner, Asian Company Profiles Ltd (ACP) Authentication & Verification team will try again to contact the applicant and find out the reason through email or by telephone. If this fails again, your Priority Trust Member application will not be approved and you will be refunded 50% of your Priority Trust Member payment.

    (B). The information supplied by an applicant is proved to be incorrect and cannot be authenticated or verified.
    In such a case, an email explanation will be sent to the applicant, and you will be refunded 50% of your Priority Trust Member fee.

  • I want to apply for a Priority Trust Member, why couldn't I pass through the first registration step?

    You might meet this problem if your country is not within our partner, Asian Company Profiles Ltd (ACP)'s Authentication & Verification team's coverage area. In this case, you may enjoy other free services of Itrademarket, for example, post trade offers, create a company profile or post products.

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