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EzRenda Wall Plastering Machine

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Specification:EzRenda Plastering Machine is the newest product of Our company PT. Harvest King Globalindo.
A unique machine that really helps Your Company in Wall Plastering activities.

Machine that can fasting Your work Time in wall rendering up to 15x times faster than manual work,
So Your Company can be more efficient in Cost factor and increase Your Company Productivities.

With this e-mail, We attached Promo Brochure from Our newest product EzRenda Plastering Machine.

If You need more information, feel free to contact Us.
Thank You very much,

To watch Video Demo, please click this link

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Hans Kasenda [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: ei8hty8@yahoo.com Y!: ei8hty8
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Hans Kasenda at Bandung
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Hans Kasenda at Bandung
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Hans Kasenda at Bandung
Address:Jl. Panaitan No. 34
Bandung 40112, Jawa Barat

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