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Name:Mr. GROSIR Bantal Guling [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Y!: piranhamas Y!: piranhamas
Google Talk:  piranhamasgroup  piranhamasgroup
Mobile Number:62-817537894
Phone Number:62-817537894
Fax Number:63-341-5455330
Address:Jl. Piranha Atas V/1, Malang
Malang 65146, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Jun. 25, 2010
Last Updated:Jun. 25, 2010
Business Nature:Trade of Home Supplies category

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Our Group of PT Piranhamas using silicone materials directly from PT HILON Indonesia who discovered a new innovation, the pillow and bolster of cotton-containing synthetic silicone and have many advantages and benefits you get. Among them:
1. Prevent Asthma
2. Prevent shortness of breath
Three. Does not make you sneeze - sneeze
4. RIGID prevent the neck, when wake from sleep
Apart from a special material made of a healthful, Pillows and Guling us apart from the other roll ( COMPARED TO PLEASE) . Terms of quality and quality of purity, we offer a satisfaction to you, our products, such as:
1. Can see directly the raw materials and quality
2. We provide a zipper to facilitate maintenance
Three. No shrinking and clumping
4. Made of synthetic fiber and are not dusty
5. Anti-rust zipper
By using a pillow and bolster Piranhamas Products you will get better sleep, more spirit when Wake!
1 SET = 2 PILLOW + 2 roll = Rp. 200 000, - s / d Rp. 250.000, - ( not including postage) , Statistical Data 65% of our sales Outside Java.
While the size PILLOW Piranhamas Width Length 50 cm X 70 cm, Weight 900 grams, Guling Piranhamas Rings Around 75 cm x length 90 cm, Weight 1000 grams.
Please prove it. And get benefits. Of our products.
Machine Wash, Mild Detergent, Warm Water, Low Peat, Dry Clean
Prices may change at any time.
Are you interested to contact the seller immediately before the preliminaries else:
1. Mrs. Agus Setiyawan. 0812 5297389 ( Simpati) , 0817 537 895 ( XL) , 0341 5475454 ( Flexi)
2. Mr. Agus Setiyawan. 081 333 8411 83 ( Simpati) , 0817 537 894 ( XL) , 0341 5.45533 million ( Flexi)
I Head office: Jl Ikan Piranha Top V / 1, Malang, Head Office II: Puri Indah Asri CS 14, Sidoarjo

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