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Daur Ulang l Reuse-Reduce- Recycle l Green & Clean l Limbah & Sampah Organik l -www.kencanaonline.com
Daur Ulang l Reuse-Reduce- Recycle l Green & Clean l Limbah & Sampah Organik l -www.kencanaonline.com
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Name:Mr. Mohamad Bijaksana [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Showroom & Workshop Kencana, Jl Raya Banjaran No 390, Bandung Selatan 40376, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Feb. 23, 2007
Last Updated:Jun. 21, 2012
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Environment category

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3R or Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle up to now is still the best way to manage and handle waste with various problems. Application of the 3R system or reuse, reduce, and recycle to be one solution to waste management in addition to process waste by using it as a power source ( PLTSa) , or power plant waste. Precisely 3Rs method of waste management ( Reduce Reuse Recycle) can be implemented by everyone in daily activities.

3R consists of reuse, reduce, and recycle. Reuse means to reuse waste that still can be used for the same function or other functions. Reduce means to reduce all things that lead to waste. And Recycle means to process returned ( recycled) waste into new products or products that are useful.

Recycling is the process to make a second-hand materials into new materials with the aim of preventing any waste that actually could be something useful, reducing the use of new raw materials, reducing energy use, reduce pollution, land degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions when compared with new manufacturing processes.

Recycling is one of the solid waste management strategy which comprises the activities of sorting, collecting, processing, distribution and manufacture of products / materials used, and a major component of modern waste management and the third part adalam waste hierarchy process 3R ( Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle .)

The material can consist of waste recycled glass, plastic, paper, metal, textile, and electronics. This effort we are doing for example washing machine resale in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan in general is still good nonetheless wlupun dikatagorikan garbage. Likewise Tong HDPE ( High-density polyethylene) in the surrounding textile mills - at first is a waste - commonly used as packaging material imported chemicals.

Both types of waste that, reengineered ( Reuse) by a group of people in Bandung, for instance on HDPE keg-added aeration holes and piping installation with careful count will be its capacity to produce aeration system, keeping the porosity of organic material, keeping the temperature and PH in it, so that with It can be calculated for granting microenvironment for the development of bacterial decomposition. And, with the role of various minerals in a bulking agent ( bulking agent) will be able to condition the microenvironment ( mesophilic temperature of 30 to 60 degrees C, PH Neutral 6-7, humidity 40 to 60% and maximal oxygen intake) will be conducive to the workings of probiotic microbes ( bacteria aktinomycetes aktinomyces naeslundii-species, species Lactobacillus delbrueckii, Bacillus Brevis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, yeast, fungi and Cellulolytic Bacillus Sp.) The consortium of bacteria that exist in the market under the name Green Phoskko activators useful in crushing ( RECYCLE) of different organic materials.

With the improvement of appearance, garbage goods ( washing machine resale and kegs HDPE) be a new product, known to be useful to make compost or composter. Effective use by households and hobbies plants and gardening in his role reduced and reduced ( reduce) the material cause odor and leachate penimbul, called organic waste. Unfortunately, the market often get complaints, deviations from the necessity to make compost quickly and hygienically, as it may be imitation without mastering the basic science of microbiology, there is not compliance to a spec tool, type and character of bacteria in the activator. Beware of imitation of this tool because it will hurt yourself, because microbes will not work according to its function.

Greeneration Indonesia,

Mohamad Bijaksana,
info@ greeneration.org

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