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Latex Glove ( Blue Colour)
Made from natural latex with blue pigment additive ; Commonly used in pharmacy or seafood packaging industries
Shoe Cover CPE Blue
Commonly used in food industries to care hygienies product yielded
Sarung Tangan Baja
This Gloves is made from stainless steel 316 ; Commonly used for material handling
Multipurpose Gloves
Made from soft natural rubber, commonly used in food industries ; This product has CE certificate
Disposable Face Mask ( 3 Ply Earloop/ Tie on)
Excellent breathability ; Anti bacterial ; Fiberglass free ; high filtration ; nose bar adaptable ; Hypoallergenic ; Durable ; Light weight
Mob Cap Non woven ( Hair Net)
Non Woven Mob Cap, available in white & green colour, This is used in medical & food industries, etc
Duckbill Face Mask
95 % filtration of 0, 3 µ m particles ; Reduces exposure to blood and body fluids ; Minimizes patient contamination to exhaled microorganisms ; form-fit design for secure fit ; ....
PD. Glovindo Plastics is a plastic gloves manufacture company, based on Jakarta-Indonesia. Disposable plastic gloves is commonly used for hygienic services, and many else. Please....
Plastic Aprons, produced from polyethylene granules should be the best choice by the meat barber or the other who works as baker, because this kind of apron has lower cost and it....
PLASTIK SEGITIGA - PIPING BAG ( tube bag for creaming)
we are a manufacturer company that produce PIPING BAG or tube bag for creaming cakes with economic prices. Our piping bags is stronger because its has double sealed.Piping bag is....
Plastic Hand gloves is commonly used for preparing foods, colouring hair, painting, gardening, cleaning service such trashing garbage, cleaning toilet, etc. We could serve in many....
VINYL GLOVES - vynil gloves
We sell vinyl gloves in a competitive prices and best quality. Don' t be hesitate to contact us.
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