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GLODOK SAFETY ,  ( ,  Jual Gas Detector ,  Emergency Eye Wash ,  Metal Detector ,  Seal Security ,  P3K ,  Lutron Indonesia ,  Distributor Lutron ,  Telp : 021-62310892 ,  Fax : 021-29576875
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081287737318 , 081314157273
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Lindeteves Trade Centre, Lantai 1 Blok C32 No 8
Jakarta 11180, Jakarta
GLODOK SAFETY , Distributor , Stockist , Safety Jogger Indonesia ( , Jual Gas Detector , Emergency Eye Wash , Metal Detector , Seal Security , P3K , Lutron Indonesia , Distributor Lutron Indonesia , Garrett , Gold Detector , Nomex , Ala
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GLODOK SAFETY , ( , Jual Gas Detector , Emergency Eye Wash , Metal Detector , Seal Security , P3K , Lutron Indonesia , Distributor Lutron , Telp : 021-62310892 , Fax : 021-29576875

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Lutron Jakarta Indonesia , Anemometer, Sound Level Meter, Tachometer, Vibration Meter, ph meter, conductivity meter, DO Meter, Turbidity Meter, Torque Meter : Telp/ Fax 021-62320340, 021-30063681, 081383297590 Email : k000333111@ Contact Person
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Lutron Jakarta Indonesia , Anemometer, Sound Level Meter, Tachometer, Vibration Meter, ph meter, conductivity meter, DO Meter, Turbidity Meter, Torque Meter
AA-104 ACA Bench Meter
ABH-4224 Cup Anemometer/ Barometer/ Humidity/ Temp
ABH-4225 Vane Anemometer/ Barometer/ Humidity/ Temp
AH-4223 Vane Anemometer/ Humidity/ Temperature
AL-04 Heavy Duty Alligators
AL-05 Heavy Duty Alligators
AM-402 Anemometer Adapter
AM-4100G Anemometer + hybrid power
AM-4200 Anemometer
AM-4201 Anemometer
AM-4202 Anemometer
AM-4203 Anemometer
AM-4203HA Anemometer
AM-4204 Hot Wire Anemometer
AM-4204HA Hot Wire Anemometer
AM-4205A replaced AM-4205 Humidity/ Anemometer Meter
AM-4206 Anemometer
AM-4206M Anemometer
AM-4210 Anemometer
AM-4213 Anemometer, mini vane
AM-4214 Hot Wire Anemometer
AM-4216 Anemometer, mini vane
AM-4220 Cup Anemometer
AM-4221 Cup Anemometer
AM-4222 Van Anemometer
AP-9VA ( round 2.5mm dia. plug) Power Adapter
AP-9VB ( battery snap plug) Power Adapter
AP-GTE Plug Conventer
AP-GTU Plug Conventer
AT-20 Frequency Counter optional accessory
AV-102 ACV Bench Meter
BACH-220 for DT2289
BAUM-1 x 4pcs for DT2289
BB-22 Frequency Counter optional accessory
BB-400 Black Body
CA-03 ( soft carrying case) Soft Carrying Case
CA-04 ( very small soft case) Soft Carrying Case
CA-05A ( Big soft case w/ Sash) Soft Carrying Case
CA-06 ( Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
CA-08 ( Big Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
CA-52A ( Small soft case w/ Sash) Soft Carrying Case
CA-201 Mini Aca Current Meter
CA-203 DCA/ ACA Current Adapter
CA-501 DCA/ ACA Current Adapter
CA-502 DCA/ ACA Current Adapter
CB-933 Cable Tester/ cable Identifier
CBOX-406 Capacitance Decade Box
CC-420 Current Calibrator
CC-421 Voltage/ Current Calibrator
CC-422 Current Calibrator
CC-MA Simulator
CC-PH PH Calibration Checker
CC-TEMPK Type K Temp Calibration Checker
CD-14 Conductivity Solution
CD-4301 Conductivity Meter
CD-4302 Conductivity Meter
CD-4303 Conductivity Meter
CD-4303HA Conductivity Meter
CD-4306 Conductivity meter
CD-4312 Conductivity Meter
CD-4322 Conductivity Meter
CL-2006 Chlorine Meter
CM-9930 ( 4000 count) 2000 A DCA/ ACA Clamp Meter + Dmm
CM-9940 ( 4000 count) Mini DCA/ ACA Clamp Meter
CM-9941 Smart Clamp Meter
CM-9942G Clamp Meter
CO-210M CO Controller
CT-2012 Controller/ Alarm/ Indicator
DA-103 DCA Bench Meter
DC-515 Digital Caliper
DC-516 Digital Micrometer
DI-6200 Insulation Tester
DI-6300 Insulation Tester
DI-6300A Insulation Tester
DI-6400 Insulation Tester
DL-9601A replaced DL-9601 Data Logger real time, paper less recorder
DL-9954 Aca Leakage Tester
DM-1000 Mini 1000A DC/ AC Clamp Meter
DM-6007 ACA Clamp Meter
DM-6046 Clamp Meter
DM-6052 Mini Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
DM-6053 Mini Aca Clamp Meter
DM-6055C Clamp Meter
DM-6056 Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
DM-6058 Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
DM-9020 Pocket DMM
DM-9023 ( Capacitance Meter) Capacitance Meter
DM-9027T+ CA-03 4 1/ 2 digits DMM, true rms
DM-9030 + IP-07 Automotive Tester
DM-9031+ IP-07
DM-9033 ( replaced bt DM-9023)
DM-9080 Multi-Functions
DM-9090 Multi-Functions
DM-9092 Auto range DMM

DM-9680  Multimeter
DM-9680KITS Multimeter
( DM-9680 + CA06+ SW8101-WIN+ UPCB02)
DM-9960 Cat lll-1000V Auto range Dmm
DM-9961 Cat lll-1000V True rms DMM
DM-9981G Green Power Multimeter
DM-9982G Smart Multimeter
DM-9983G Smart Multimeter
DO-5509 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
DO-5510 Oxigen Meter
DO-5510HA Oxigen Meter
DO-5519 Dissolved Oxigen Meter
DP-30 Volt meter Module
DP-40 Volt Meter
DR-99420 Panel Meter
DR-99ACA Panel Meter
DR-99ACV Panel Meter
DR-99DCA Panel Meter
DR-99DCV Panel Meter
DS-121( Accessories f/ GSM120/ 121 Wire less Detect Switch
DT-1236L Laser Photo/ Contact Tachometer
DT-2199 Stroboscope
DT-2230 Photo/ Contact Tachometer
DT-2234B ( Photo) Photo Tachometer
DT-2234BL Laser Photo Tachometer
DT-2235B ( Contact) Contact Tachometer
DT-2236 ( Photo/ Contact) Photo/ Contact Tachometer
DT-2237 Gasoline Tachometer
DT-2238 ( Photo/ Contact) Photo/ Contact Tachometer
DT-2239-2 ( 240VAC)
DT-2240D+ PX-01 Panel Tachometer
DT-2244 ( Photo)
DT-2245 ( Contact) Contact Tachometer
DT-2258 Photo/ Contact Tachometer
DT-2259 Tachometer/ Stroboscope
DT-2268 Photo/ Contact Tachometer
DT-2269-220V Digital Stroboscope
DT-2289 Stroboscope, Xenon
BACH-220 for DT2289
BAUM-1 x 4pcs for DT2289
DT-2349 Stroboscope
DT-2299 Stroboscope, Led array
DT-2336G Photo/ Contact Tachometer
DT-2339 Stroboscope, xenon
DT-602 Tach/ M
DV-101 DVC Bench meter
DW-6060 Watt Meter
DW-6090 Power Analyzer
DW-6091 Power Analyzer
DW-6092 ( Aro. Feb' 09) 3 Phase Power Analyzer
DW-6160 ( END DEC) Watt Meter

EH-20 Electrode Holder
EM-9000 Environment Meter
EM-9100 Environment Meter
EM-9200 Intelligent Meter
EM-9300SD Environment Meter
EMF-810 Micro Wave Leakage Detector
EMF-819 # Axis RF Electromagnetic Field Meter
EMF-822A EMF tester
EMF-823 EMF Tester
EMF-824 EMF Adapter
EMF-825 EMF Tester + type K Thermometer
EMF-827 EMF Tester, Separate probe
EMF-828 3D EMF Tester
EMF-839+ EP-03H+ EP-04L Electromagnetic Field Meter
ET-3000 Earth resistance Tester
FC-2500A+ AT-20+ PB-21 Frequency Counter
FC-2700 Frequency Counter, bench type
FC-2700+ PB21+ NN23
FC-422D Panel Meter
FG-2003-220V Function Generator
FG-20KG Force Gauge
FG-5000A Force Gauge
FG-5005 Force Gauge
FG-5020 Force Gauge
FG-5100 Forge Gauge
FS-1001 + WG-01 Test Stand
FT-9950 A/ DC Fork Current Tester
GB-100KG Bench Scale
GB-150KG Bench Csale
GC-2028 CO2 Meter
GCH-2108 CO METER Co Meter
GCO-2008 CO meter
GM-1500P Digital Balance
GM-300P Digital Balance
GM-3KG 3 kg Digital Scale
GM-500 Digital Scale
GM-5000 Digital Scale
GM-5001 Digital Scale
GM-501 Digital Scale
GM-600G Digital Scale
GM-600P Digital Balance
GMCB-89 Interface Cable
GS-400 Ultrasonic Transmitter
GS-5800 Ultrasonic Leakage Detector
GS-5800+ GS400+ EA100

GSM-120 GSM Home Security System
GSM-840 GSM Control System
GSM-888 GSM Control System
GSM-889 GSM Controller
GU-3001 Magnetic Meter
HD-200PAL Anemometer Probe
HD-200PLX Light Probe
HD-200PRH Humidity Meter Probe
HS-01 Holster
HS-02 Holster
HT-305 Pocket Humidity Meter
HT-306 Humidity/ Temp, Meter
HT-3006A replaced HT-3006
HT-3006HA Humidity meter
HT-3009 Precission Humidity + Temp + Dew Point
HT-3015 replaced 3005A/ 3005HB
HT-3015HA Humidity Meter
HT-315 replaced HT-319 Pocket Humidity Meter
HT-3007SD ( END DEC)
HT-4006G Humidity/ Temp, Meter + type K/ J Temp
HV-40 High Voltage Probe
IP-07 Inductive Pick Up Sensor
IP-09 Inductive Pick Up Sensor
LAN-922 Lan cable atester
LBOX-405 Inductance Decade Box
LCR-9063 Pocket LCR Meter
LCR-9073 LCR Meter
LCR-9083 LCR Meter
LCR-9183 LCR Meter, bench type
LF-423 Line Frequency Monitor
LM-8000 Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter
LM-8020G Green 4 in 1 Meter
LM-8100 4 in 1 Meter
LM-8102 5 in 1 Meter
LM-81AM Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter
LM-81AT Anemometer
LM-81HT Humidity meter
LM-81LX Light Meter
LS-04 200 AMP Current Shunt
LX-02 Light Adapter
LX-100 Light Meter
LX-101 Light Meter
LX-101A Light Meter
LX-102 Light Adapter
LX-103 Light Meter
LX-104G Light Meter
LX-105 Light Meter
LX-107 Light Meter
LX-107HA Light Meter
LX-108 Light Meter
LX-110 Light Meter
LX-1102 Light Meter
LX-1108 Light Meter
LX-1118 Light Meter
MO-2001-2 ( 240V)
MO-2002-230V Milliohm Meter
MO-2013-230V High Precision Milliohm Meter
MP-31 probe f/ MS7000HA/ 7003
MS-7000 Moisture Meter
MS-7000HA Moisture Meter
MS-7001 Moisture meter
MS-7002 Moisture meter
MS-7003 Moisture Meter
MS-71P ( must cal. with meter) Humidity Content Probe
MY-81AP Anemometer
NB-24 Frequency Counter
NI-214 Negative Ion Water Tester
NN-23 Frequency Counter
ORP-14 replaced OPR-04 ORP Electrode
ORP-203 ORP Meter
ORP-213+ ORP-14 ORP Meter
ORP-400 Cal. Solution
OXEL-03 Probe-Filling Electrolyte
OXHD-04 Spare probe Head with Diaphragma
OXPB-01C( 4meter) replaced 01B
OXPB-01C ( PROBE f/ DO-5510)
OXPB-09 F/ DO5509
OXPB-11 F/ DO-5511/ 5510
PB-21 Frequency Counter
PC-6009 Power Clamp Meter
PC-6010 Power Clamp meter
PCD-431 Conductivity Meter
PCD-432 Conductivity Meter
PCO-350 CO Meter, pen type
PDO-519 Dissolved Oxigen Meter
PDO-520 Dissolved Oxigen Meter
PDT-2250 Controller/ Monitor
PE-01 pH electrode
PE-02 Heavy Duty PH Electrode
PE-03 pH Electroda
PE-03K7 PH electrode + Temp probe
PE-04HD Spear Tip pH Electrode
PE-05T pH Electroda
PE-06HD Spear Tip pH Electrode
PE-08 Plane PH Electrode
PE-11 pH Electroda
PE-21 ph Electroda
PH-04 pH 4 Buffer Solution
PH-04A pH Buffer Solution
PH-07 pH 7 Buffer Solution
PH-07A pH 7 Buffer Solution
PH-109G pH Meter
PH-201 pH meter
PH-202 pH Bench Meter
PH-206 Temp Meter
PH-207 pH meter
PH-207HA pH meter
PH-208 pH meter
PH-209G Green pH Meter
PH-211 Ph Meter
PH-212 Soil Ph Meter
PH-214  pH bench Meter
PH-220 Pen pH Meter
PH-220S Soil PH meter
PH-221 pH Meter
PH-222 Pen PH Meter
PH-223 Pen PH Meter
PH-321M PH Monitor
PHB-318 Humidity/ Barometer/ Temp Meter
PHT-3109 Panel Humidity/ Temp Meter
PHT-316 Humidity/ Temp Meter
PI-06 Photo Sensor
PLX-111 Light Meter
PM-9100 Manometer
PM-9100HA Manometer
PM-9102 Manometer
PM-9107 Manometer
PMS-713 Moisture Meter
PMS-714 Soil Moisture Meter
PPH-2108 pH Controller/ Monitor
PPS-9312 Pressure Controller/ Monitor
PRS-2321 Controller/ Monitor
PS-403 Pressure Adapter
PS-9302 Pressure Meter
PS-9302+ PS100-xxBAR+ CA-06
PS93DV-20BAR Pressure Transducer
PS-93MAxxBAR Pressure Transducer
PS-100xxBAR Pressure Sensor
PSA-311 Salt Meter
PTM-806 Thermometer
PTM-816 Thermometer
PUV-360 Pen UV Light Meter
PVB-820 Pen Vibration Meter
PWA-301 Pure Water Meter
PX-01 Proximity Sensor
PX-02 Proximity Sensor
RBOX-408 Resistance Decade Box
RCB-110V RCCB Checker
RCB-220V RCCB Checker
RGB-1002 Color Analyzer
RHA-33 Humidity Calibrator
RHA-75 Humidity Calibrator
RSC-801 Conventer
RT-606 3 Phase Rotation Tester
RT-608 3 phase & Motor Rotation tester
RT-616 3 Phase Rotation Tester
SB-01 Wind Shield Ball
SC-941 ( 94dB) Sound Calibrator
SC-942 ( 94dB/ 114dB) Sound Calibrator
SL-3113G Sound Level Meter
SL-406 Sound Adapter
SL-407 Sound level meter
SL-4001 Sound level meter
SL-4010 Sound Level Meter
SL-4011 Sound level meter
SL-4012 Sound level meter
SL-4013 Sound level meter
SL-4022 Sound level meter
SL-4023SD ( END DEC)
SL-4030 Sound level meter
SL-4112 Sound Level Meter
SL-4113G Green Power Multimeter
ST-50 Shunt
SW-808 8 meters Data Acquisition Software
SW-U801-WIN Software for intelligent Instrument
TA-35 Tachometer Adapter
TA-601 Tachometer Adapter
TC-920 Thermometer Calibrator
TL-02AS Alligator Test Lead
TL-03 for DM-9023
TL-88 Heavy Duty Test Lead
TLSM-15 SMD Test Clips
TM-2000 Thermometer
TM-903A Thermometer
TM-906A Dual Thermometer
TM-907A Preccision degree Thermometer
TM-909AL replaced TM-900 Infrared Thermometer
TM-914C replaced TM-902C Dual Channel Thermometer
TM-916 Dual Thermometer
TM-917 Precision degree Thermometer
TM-919AL replaced TM-900 Infrared Thermometer
TM-9126 Thermometer type K/ J/ R/ E/ T
TM-924C Two Channel Thermometer
TM-925 Two Channel Thermometer
TM-928G Dual Channel Thermometer
TM-936 Thermometer
TM-939 IR Thermometer
TM-946 ( to offer TM-947SD better) Thermometer
TM-956 Infrared Thermometer
TM-958  Infrared Thermometer
TM-959 Infrared Thermometer
TM-966 ( forehead IR thermometer)
TM-969 Infrared Thermometer
TP-01 Type K Temperature Probe
TP-02A Type K Temperature Probe
TP-03 Type K Temperature Probe
TP-04 Type K Temperature Probe
TP-06 Optional Temp, Probe for pH Meter
TP-07 Optional Temp, Probe for pH Meter
TP-100 PT 100 ohm Temp.Probe
TP-101 f/ TM-946
TQ-8800 Torque Meter
TQ-8801 Torque Wrench, 100 kg-cm
TQ-8803 Torque Wrench, 100 kg-cm
TU-2016 Turbidity Meter
UPCB-01 USB Cable
UPCB-02 Rs 232 Cable for intelligent Instrument
UPCB-03 ( 20M) f/ PRS-2321
UPCB-06 for DM-9960
USB-01 USB-01
UV-340A UV-340
UVA-365 UV0-A Light Meter
UVC-254 UV-A Light Meter
VB-8200 Vibration Meter
VB-8201HA Vibration meter
VB-8202 Vibration Meter
VB-8203 Vibration meter
VB-8210 Vibration Meter
VB-8212 Vibration Meter
VB-8213 Vibration Meter
VB-8220 Vibration Meter
VC-9200 Vacuum Meter
VT-8204 Vibration/ Tachometer
WA-2015 pH/ orp, DO, CD/ TDS Meter
WA-2017SD pH/ ORP, DO, CD/ TDS, Salt Meter
WA-300 Pure Water Tester
WG-01 Wedge Grip
WH-08 Case holder f/ HT-306
YK-10LX Light Meter,
YK-2001PH Intelligent PH Meter
YK-2001TM Intelligent Thermometer
YK-2004AH Hot Wire Anemometer
YK-2004CD Conductivity Meter
YK-2014CD Conductivity Meter
YK-2005AH Hot Wire Anemometer
YK-2005AM Anemometer
YK-2005CD conductivity meter
YK-2005LX  Light Meter, real time data logger
YK-2005RH  Humidity Meter real time data logger
YK-2005TM Multi-function Thermometer
YK-2005WA pH/ orp, DO, CD/ TDS Meter
YK-200PAL Anemometer probe
YK-200PAM Metal Anemometer probe
YK-200PAS Mini Vane Anemometer probe
YK-200PATC ATC probe
YK-200PCD conductivity Probe
YK-200PCT Conductivity/ TDS probe
YK-200PDO Dissolved Oxygen
YK-200PIR Infrared Temperature probe
YK-200PLX Light Probe
YK-200PRH Humidity probe
YK-21PH pH meter
YK-22CT Conductivity/ TDS Meter
YK-22DO Disolved Oxygen Meter
YK-23RP ORP Meter
YK-30WA Pure Water tester
YK-31SA Salt Meter
YK-35UV UV Light Meter
YK-43CD Conductivity meter
YK-36UV UV Light Meter
YK-80AM Anemometer
YK-80AP Anemometer
YK-80AS Anemometer-80AS
YK-90HT+ CA-06
TR-PHT1A4 pH Transmitter
PE-03 for TR-PHT1A4
TR-DOT1A4 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
TR-CDT1A4 Conductivity Transmitter
TR-VBT1A4 Vibration Transmitter
TR-PST1A4 Clamp Transmitter
TR-SLT1A4 Sound Transmitter
TR-TMK1A4 Temp Transmitter
TR-PS2W-20BAR 2 wires Pressure Transmitter
TR-RH2W Wires Humidity Transmitter
Optional for TR-TMK1A4         
TP-01 Type K Temperature Probe
TP-02A Type K Temperature Probe
TP-03 Type K Temperature Probe
TP-04 Type K Temperature Probe
TR-TMP1A4 Temp Transmitter
TP-100 for TR-TMP1A4
TR-RPM1A4 RPM transmitter
TR-HZT1A4 Frequency Transmitter
TR-LDT1A4 Load Cell Transmitter
TR-PTT1A4 Potential Transmitter
TR-ACV1A4-150V ACV Transmitter
TR-ACA1A4-1A ACA transmitter
TR-DCV1A4-20V DCV Transmitter
TR-DCA1A4-200UA  DCA Transmitter
TR-CLP1A4 ( N.A.N) Clamp Transmitter
: Telp/ Fax 021-62320340, 021-30063681, 081383297590 Email : k000333111@ Contact Person : Eko Harland....
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