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Global Digital Telecom' first' BT = Bluetooth headset, headset, Global Digital Telecom company as the world' s first Bluetooth headset and FM transmitter that combines the convergence of new products unveiled.
GBF M 4100 will be launched within two months and not yet released the schedule clearly caught the GBF M 4200, the official specifications of the two products of the same design was slightly different.
This product uses the car' s FM frequency to a Bluetooth mobile phone handsfree. Bluetooth headset with FM transmitter was mounted on the convenience of automatically charging the battery and at the same time to resolve.
Combo products in your car, but if you do not use the car, only a Bluetooth headset can be used separately.
GBF-M4100 and the GBF-M4200 supports Bluetooth version 2.0, serial call 5 hours 30 minutes Continuous standby is 130 hours.
Global Digital Telecom also launched a Bluetooth headset, the ' M100' soon after ' M200' will be released.
M100 If you seek a circular design, M200 is the angle difference between the selected design.

performance of the year is held in the metropolitan area had been IWCC Forum ( convergence of wireless communications products and remedies Forum, May 10-11) to attract, to invite domestic and foreign buyers and key corporate personnel through out the enterprise products, including five-time presentation , holds more than 20 times, including the export trade was possible because of the program.
in the event that the performance of Telecom GD Telecom throughout the exhibition, features hands-free car audio and MP3 connectivity, a unique product concept of the common visitor, as well as domestic and international buyers from from various corners of the world also led the performance of the contract won 800, 000, 000.
GD Telecom also cooperation including GS neohtek and Tomato LSI Isite network of United States, Russia and the TRC for mobile solutions, and vehicle location tracking system 10 made two large consultation.
Convention for the China market also led companies. China and Northeast Asia, technology exchange center in China for mobile establish mutual cooperation and a memorandum of understanding chaegyeol, ' mobile per-famous tree, the system of Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Decoys and mobile e-learning ( e-leaning) Products China, as well as in North Korea' s Rajin and spearhead has signed a MOU to jointly advance.
Key members of the major domestic and foreign companies looking after the exhibition with local businesses have expressed interest, and share advice.
LG Philips LCD, one of the changes and development trends in the mobile terminal for more than 140 people over two days and sent observers attracted large.

Products exhibited ' Contest'
2 showing the right exhibition to attract the attention of the new chapter was jarimae business, Kim has a reason. Manufacturers as early as 3 percent, year-end due to late products catches the attention of his audience was the public.
From 2007 through mobekseu new products such as Nokia and Motorola, the leading interest of the major mobile phone makers and mobile TV solutions for the die of the Sith, ' Sirius' , GD Telecom, a combination of a Bluetooth headset and FM transmitter new convergence product, the world' s first ' mobisode Fran Combo' , WiBro platform, 4.8 inches display, the first of its Fusion software for navigation and attracted hired.

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