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Air Dryer 30HP, 220V, 50Hz
PriceRp. 16.520.000
Quantity Order:
Features :
Krisbow Air Drier series have been made on the basis of advanced technology and high-quality components in strict accordance with the quality standard for air compression ( ISO8373.1) formulated by ISO. They are efficient, reliable, environmentally-friendly, energy conservation, and with visual display.
Benefits :
• Special back cooler and pre-cooler, immediately access to air compression under 80oC
• Equipped with high-performance, powerful refrigerant compressor, refrigerating after sufficient precooling, the processing air volume is 30% larger than similar products, stable dew-point temperature, transforming 99% vapor into water fog and drop
• The specially designed centrifugal and collecting-type dual water separator make the efficiency as high as 99%
• World-class components, high quality, long operation life
• Convenient to use, no expendable, fully automatic water drainage, low operation cost, capable of continuous operation
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