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Dark Blue Safir Ceylon

Price:Rp. 500.000

A very beautiful Dark Blue Ceylon Sapphire , it is already set on a good 18mm silver ring. The dimension of the gems is ( est) 8, 5mm x 6, 1mm x 4mm..for more information please....

Tears Drop Blue Safir Ceylon

Price:Rp. 50 - 90 / Pieces

A nice and beautiful Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire, " Blue Safir Ceylon " . The gems has good and nice blue color. The dimension of the gems is 7, 8mm x 5, 4mm x 3, 1mm. for more....

Garnet ring alpaka no 2

Price:Rp. 280.000,-

A red and nice natural Garnet set on an 19mm alpaka ring. Garnet is a perfect birthstone for January. The size of this gems is ( est) 12, 5mm x 8, 5mm x 6mm. for more information....

Kyanite ring alpaka no 1

Price:Rp. 280.000,-

a beautiful blue color gems called Kyanite. The color is similar to the color of blue sapphire, usually called as " Australian Sapphire " in Indonesia gems market. The gems is....

Kyanite ring alpaka no 2

Price:Rp. 260.000,-

A very nice natural Blue Kyanite set on an 18mm alpaka ring! The color is light blue, as nice as ceylon blue sapphire. The dimensions of the gems is ( est) 10mm x 7mm x 3mm.

Kyanite Ring alpaka no 3

Price:Rp. 250.000,-

A nice light blue Kyanite set on an 18mm alpaka ring. Kyanite is often called as " Australian Sapphire " , but its not a sapphire! the size of this gems is ( est) 9, 5mm x 7mm x....

Batu Opal Kalimaya Banten ring perak

Price:Rp. 450.000,-

Natural Milky Opal Kalimaya Banten, not perfect cabochon shape but very nice. The play of color is also very beautiful.The gems is already set on a good 18mm silver ring! the....


Price:Rp. 250.000 - 300.000 / Seed (Nego Harga)

Black Obsidian origin Garut, West Java. I found the gems nearby the crater of Papandayan Volcano. The dimension of the gems is 18, 5mm x 13, 2mm x 7mm, for more photos and....

Emerald Cut Green Obsidian

Price:Rp. 130.000,-

A nice natural Green Obsidian on Emerald Cut. The dimension of the gems is 10, 9mm x 9, 5mm x 6mm. for more information please visit batumuliacrystal.com

Natural Black Spinel

Price:Rp. 250.000,-

A very nice natural Black Spinel on aperfect oval cut. It is already set on a Balinese Style 20mm alloy ring. The size of the gems is ( est) 9, 2mm x 7, 9mm x 4mm

Pink Spinel Ring perak + memo QC

Price:Rp. 400.000,-

This beautiful Pink Spinel is already set on a good 18mm silver ring. It is already checked by NU Lab, result NTE ( No Indication of Treatment) . The dimension of the gems is 6, ....

Batu Agate gambar Muka

Price:Rp. 180.000,-

Beautiful unique agate from Indonesia..There is a face image on the stone! ! ! !

Agate Gambar Lafad Allah

Price:Rp. 450.000,-

A Nice agate with an Allah arabic letters! ! very beautiful! ! add it into your precious collections! !

Natural Pink Spinel + Memo QC

Price:Rp. 300.000,-

beautiful natural purple Spinel, smooth and nice gems! The gems is already tested by Mr. Nugroho gemologist. It is natural, and no indication of heating ( NTE) . The Dimension of....

( SOldOut! ) Unique Agate / Batu Akik Unik no. 2

Price:Rp. 85.000,-

Unique agate from java with special colors and image.

( SOLDOUT! ) batu galih kelor / kelor wood stone

Price:Rp. 100.000,- (sold/terjual)

Galih kelor stone is a nice fossil. This fossil is believed as a strong talisman in java.

( terjual) Agate Gambar Malaikat Bersayap

Price:Rp. 550.000,-

Unique agate with a natural angel image.. very beautiful! !
Measurement: ( est) 24mm x 20mm x 5mm

( terjual) Fire Agate

Price:Rp. 400.000,-

beautiful fire agate..very rare gemstone..nice color and effect luster! ! !

( terjual) Combong 2 lobang Image orang Sholat

Price:Rp. 250.000,-

Beautiful combong agate stone! ! originally from pacitan, east java

Akik gambar anjing berdiri / unique agate with standing dog image

Price:Rp. 75.000 / Pieces

This is very unique agate. There is a standing dog inside the stone and it is very clear image.

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