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Dark Blue Safir Ceylon

A very beautiful Dark Blue Ceylon Sapphire , it is already set on a good 18mm silver ring. The dimension of the gems is ( est) 8, 5mm x 6, 1mm x 4mm..for more information please....

Price:Rp. 1.xx0.000,-

Tears Drop Blue Safir Ceylon

A nice and beautiful Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire, " Blue Safir Ceylon " . The gems has good and nice blue color. The dimension of the gems is 7, 8mm x 5, 4mm x 3, 1mm. for more....

Price:Rp. 330.000,-

Garnet ring alpaka no 2

A red and nice natural Garnet set on an 19mm alpaka ring. Garnet is a perfect birthstone for January. The size of this gems is ( est) 12, 5mm x 8, 5mm x 6mm. for more information....

Price:Rp. 280.000,-

Kyanite ring alpaka no 1

a beautiful blue color gems called Kyanite. The color is similar to the color of blue sapphire, usually called as " Australian Sapphire " in Indonesia gems market. The gems is....

Price:Rp. 280.000,-

Kyanite ring alpaka no 2

A very nice natural Blue Kyanite set on an 18mm alpaka ring! The color is light blue, as nice as ceylon blue sapphire. The dimensions of the gems is ( est) 10mm x 7mm x 3mm.

Price:Rp. 260.000,-

Kyanite Ring alpaka no 3

A nice light blue Kyanite set on an 18mm alpaka ring. Kyanite is often called as " Australian Sapphire " , but its not a sapphire! the size of this gems is ( est) 9, 5mm x 7mm x....

Price:Rp. 250.000,- harga bisa lihat di www.jiroweddingcraft.com

Batu Opal Kalimaya Banten ring perak

Natural Milky Opal Kalimaya Banten, not perfect cabochon shape but very nice. The play of color is also very beautiful.The gems is already set on a good 18mm silver ring! the....

Price:Rp. 450.000,-


Black Obsidian origin Garut, West Java. I found the gems nearby the crater of Papandayan Volcano. The dimension of the gems is 18, 5mm x 13, 2mm x 7mm, for more photos and....

Price:Rp. 250.000 - 300.000 / Seed (Nego Harga)

Emerald Cut Green Obsidian

A nice natural Green Obsidian on Emerald Cut. The dimension of the gems is 10, 9mm x 9, 5mm x 6mm. for more information please visit batumuliacrystal.com

Price:Rp. 130.000,-

Natural Black Spinel

A very nice natural Black Spinel on aperfect oval cut. It is already set on a Balinese Style 20mm alloy ring. The size of the gems is ( est) 9, 2mm x 7, 9mm x 4mm

Price:Rp. 250.000,-

Pink Spinel Ring perak + memo QC

This beautiful Pink Spinel is already set on a good 18mm silver ring. It is already checked by NU Lab, result NTE ( No Indication of Treatment) . The dimension of the gems is 6, ....

Price:Rp. 400.000,-

Batu Agate gambar Muka

Beautiful unique agate from Indonesia..There is a face image on the stone! ! ! !

Price:Rp. 180.000,-

Agate Gambar Lafad Allah

A Nice agate with an Allah arabic letters! ! very beautiful! ! add it into your precious collections! !

Price:Rp. 450.000,-

Natural Pink Spinel + Memo QC

beautiful natural purple Spinel, smooth and nice gems! The gems is already tested by Mr. Nugroho gemologist. It is natural, and no indication of heating ( NTE) . The Dimension of....

Price:Rp. 300.000,-

( SOldOut! ) Unique Agate / Batu Akik Unik no. 2

Unique agate from java with special colors and image.

Price:Rp. 85.000,-

( SOLDOUT! ) batu galih kelor / kelor wood stone

Galih kelor stone is a nice fossil. This fossil is believed as a strong talisman in java.

Price:Rp. 100.000,- (sold/terjual)

( terjual) Agate Gambar Malaikat Bersayap

Unique agate with a natural angel image.. very beautiful! !
Measurement: ( est) 24mm x 20mm x 5mm

Price:Rp. 550.000,-

( terjual) Fire Agate

beautiful fire agate..very rare gemstone..nice color and effect luster! ! !

Price:Rp. 400.000,-

( terjual) Combong 2 lobang Image orang Sholat

Beautiful combong agate stone! ! originally from pacitan, east java

Price:Rp. 250.000,-

Akik gambar anjing berdiri / unique agate with standing dog image

This is very unique agate. There is a standing dog inside the stone and it is very clear image.

Price:Rp. 200.000,-

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