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    We serve a variety of mirror orders or the frame or glass cermin.aik used for mirrors, paintings and foto.ahan we use is made of solid wood materials, such as teak, mahogany, mango durian, dll.We also serve a variety of forms of carving / ukiran.ami also provide design services mirror / picture frame / mirror, both the classical style ( European style carvings) as well as modern certain minimalis.ang with beautiful design and attractive.
    In addition, we also serve other furniture such as desks, chairs, wardrobes, front / bed, as well as other types of furniture, according permintaan.ouvenir / handicraft, we also provide for adding to the beauty of your room.
    The price we offer very affordable, because you get it direct from the manufacturers of the raw ( the supplier) . Have you asked any kind of finishing, we are ready to serve.
    The main character of the finished mirror / mirror / glass we, remain on the beauty of gold and silver. Both modern and classic style ...
    About quality, no doubt lagi.ami guarantee, certainly satisfied....
    We also invite the parties refused to cooperate in marketing and the creation of a new frame design. Thank you have seen our products, our order tunggu.ontak us at 085226525569 or by email: as_hadikcp@

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    Mr. Asyhadi Nindy [Marketing]
    Jl Tirto Samudro RT 12/04 Bandengan Jepara
    Jepara 59416, Jawa Tengah
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