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We service various kinds of mirror glass that used for make-up, painting or photograph.The materials we use is made of solid wood, such as teak, mahogany, mango, etc.
We also serve various kinds of carving.Also provide design mirror, both classical style ( european style) and modern minimalism...
The price we offer very cheap, because you will get from produsen.We also serve the packaging in the form of the question finishing.
Looker, no doubt anymore.We are bail, and are satisfied.
We also invite the various parties to willing to work together in marketing and the creation of new mirror design. Thank you to see our products, we are waiting for orders..

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Mr. Asyhadi Nindy [Marketing]
Jl Tirto Samudro RT 12/04 Bandengan Jepara
Jepara 59416, Jawa Tengah
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