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Kursi Quadra DLDM Type Sola
Kursi Quadra DLDM....

Price: Call

A chair quadra sola
- chrome plated / powder coated
- height 85 cm
- width 42 cm
- length 52 cm
- pipe oval.

NIRAX 19  Closed Rack 42U
NIRAX 19 " Closed....

Price: Call / Nego

Racking system designed to mode of internet server, shelf server is design appearance according to standards uniform from server by using unity cabinet. Virtually shelf is a....

SIMPLEX Rate of Rise Detector ( ROR)
SIMPLEX Rate of Rise....

Price: Call

SIMPLEX Rate of Rise Detector ( ROR)
Support tools this one is usually known by the public as a Temperature Sensor, Heat Sensor, Heat Sensor/ fire aka. The task is indeed....

BOSCH Ceiling Speaker
BOSCH Ceiling....

Price: Call / Nego

Ceilling Speaker Brands Bosch works for various purposes such as music: Background music for a cafe, restaurant, shops ( shops, bookstores, clothing etc.) for Office, even in the....

Kursi Quadra DLDM Type Rhino
Kursi Quadra DLDM....

Price: Call

A Chair Quadra
- chrome plated finish
- height 88 cm
- 44.5 cm wide
- length 55 cm
- pipe oval

SIMPLEX Addressable
SIMPLEX Addressable

Price: Call

System addressable mostly used for installations fire alarm in storey building, such as hotel, offices, mall and the like. The most fundamental difference with conventional system....

Sistem Informasi Rumah Sakit DLDM
Sistem Informasi....

Price: Call

Hospital Management Information System ( HMIS) is a hospital management information system with the SMART paradigm, producing integrated systems and appropriate in accordance with....

SIAKAD ( Sistem Informasi Akademik ) DLDM
SIAKAD ( Sistem....

Price: Sesuai Paket / Spesifikasi

Academic Information System ( SIAKAD) is our solution for the Management of Academic Administration in Higher Education. Academic Information System capable of integrating the....

SUPREME Fiber Optic Indoor 4 core MM,  50um,
SUPREME Fiber Optic....

Price: Nego / Call

Supreme Fiber Optic Indoor:
- A type of cable is made of glass or plastic that is very
smoother and smaller than a hair
- Can be used to transmit light signals
- The light....

Design Interior dan Exterior
Design Interior dan....

Price: Sesuai Perencanaan

In the world of design construction is a major step in determining whether planning and material costs that will be used. Therefore we provide service / procurement services....

METAL Kabel FRC 2 x 1,  5 mm
METAL Kabel FRC 2 x....

Price: Call / Nego

In disasters, including fires, fire smoke, heat and toxic smoke is a major obstacle to the safe evacuation of a building or buildings.
A major contribution to solve this danger....

PLTS DLDM Penerangan Rumah 100 WP
PLTS DLDM Penerangan....

Price: Nego Sesuai Paket

PLTS Pack Solar Home Lighting Home or system is a package of home lighting using Solar / Sun as a source of natural energy, Suitable used in areas that have been powered by PLN, ....

Manual break glass,  simpex
Manual break glass, ....

Price: Call

Function of the manual break glass to activate the siren or fire alarm ( Fire Bell) manually, by breaking the glass or transparent plastic in the middle. Another term for this....

EDWARD Alarm Bell
EDWARD Alarm Bell

Price: Nego / Call

Fire Alarm Bell will issue a loud fire alarm sounds. His voice was loud enough in a relatively far distance. Output voltage is out of the Fire Alarm panel is 24VDC, 24VDC so it....

SIMPLEX Fire Emergency Phone
SIMPLEX Fire....

Price: Call

Fire Emergency Phone is designed to allow the fire fighter to plug a Portable Handset into the plate’ s jack and communicate with others throughout the building’ s Emergency Audio....

Lemari dan Filling Cabinet DLDM
Lemari dan Filling....

Price: Sesuai Spesifikasi

For the comfort and security of your records, we recommend immediately to have a filing cabinet that is resistant to fire, water and mold. So that your records can be stored....

Absensi Sidik Jari ( finggerprint)
Absensi Sidik Jari ( ....

Price: Sesuai Spesifikasi

With the fingerprint attendance machine is applied to the company or office, you do not have to worry about some problems regarding absences of less discipline, these problems....

Kursi Quadra DLDM Type Lunar
Kursi Quadra DLDM....

Price: Call

A chair quadra lunar
- triple layer chrome plating
- height 86 cm
- width 44 cm
- length 51 cm
- pipe box.

Sistem Informasi Hotel DLDM
Sistem Informasi....

Price: Sesuai Paket

Software Hotel Management System. Is an application that can help the hotel management to obtain information quickly, complete and accurate information on the number of rooms....

Perpustakaan Digital ( Digital Library) DLDM
Perpustakaan Digital....

Price: Sesuai Paket / Spesifikasi

Software for the Digital Library which aims to facilitate the Librarian and Library staff in the work, speed up access to literature searches, prevent the loss of library books.

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