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Sistem Informasi Hotel DLDM
Sistem Informasi....

Price: Sesuai Paket

Software Hotel Management System. Is an application that can help the hotel management to obtain information quickly, complete and accurate information on the number of rooms....

Perpustakaan Digital ( Digital Library) DLDM
Perpustakaan Digital....

Price: Sesuai Paket / Spesifikasi

Software for the Digital Library which aims to facilitate the Librarian and Library staff in the work, speed up access to literature searches, prevent the loss of library books.

Orimax Cartridge for HP Laserjet,  Lexmark,  Fuji Xerox,  Samsung
Orimax Cartridge for....

Price: call

To maintain product quality and stability, Orimax cartridges using high quality components with a composition of 100% new.

Optimum print-quality, print-quality so we unggulkan....

meja dan kursi kantor
meja dan kursi....

Price: Call

PT.DiartaLumbung Dunia Management thanks to the trust committed to give consumers the best quality, supported with the latest design innovation, human resource development, and....

MAHAROOF Genteng Metal
MAHAROOF Genteng....

Price: Call

This is made of metallic materials, critical metal has a light weight steel-ply material. There are two kinds of steel layers are used by each of the manufacturers of metal, ....

Projectors Benq,  Epson,  NEC,  Vivitech DLDM
Projectors Benq, ....

Price: Tergantung Merk

As a tool for presentation at the office, school, or for other means of Amusement or Entertainment ( Cafe, Resto, etc.) . DLD Management provides a variety of brands such as BenQ, ....

Jasa Konstruksi
Jasa Konstruksi

Price: Call

Dldmanagement Construction Services Serving As Storey Buildings Hospital, University, Library Etc..
And We Also Serve Request for Procurement Tools, Such as Office Equipment, ....

Lemari dan Filling Cabinet DLDM
Lemari dan Filling....

Price: Sesuai Spesifikasi

For the comfort and security of your records, we recommend immediately to have a filing cabinet that is resistant to fire, water and mold. So that your records can be stored....

Smartboard Interaktif

Price: call

Smartboard is an amalgamation of simplicity of a whiteboard and the ability of a computer, providing a touch of the alplikasi computer control and the ability to write according....

RAINER SM150C8-2.13....

Price: Call/sms

Rainer SM150C8-2.13 SATA35NR have flexible scalability and expandability in i/ o, memory, LAN and storage designed to spread the web, email or print server, business applications, ....


Price: Call

IP PBX or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is PABX that use IP technology. IP PBX is a telephone switching devices and data communication technology-based Internet....

kursi TIGER
kursi TIGER

Price: Call

PT.Diarta Lumbung Dunia Management seeks to understand all your needs, one of them in the comfort of our work highly recommend TIGER brand office chairs for your office needs.

Proyek DLDM Malang Rangka Atap
Proyek DLDM Malang....

Price: Call

Lately it' s been increasingly difficult wood, wood which has a good quality is seldom found. Wood being replaced by light steel frame and steel roof truss for conventional home....

meja dan kursi sekolah
meja dan kursi....

Price: call

school desk and chair is a basic requirement in the learning process, to support school facilities provider we provide quality products with a wide selection of models and....

TV LED Indoor
TV LED Indoor

Price: call

Best Visual Angle Horizontal 140deg
Best Visul Angle Vertical 140deg
Brightness > 1, 500CD/ m²
Refresh Rate > 1500Hz/ s
Average Power Consumption 320W/ m²
Certificate ....


The DEXIN 4 in 1 NDS3224A MPEG-2 SD Encoder h.264 is SD audio & amp; video encoding and multiplexing devices with powerful functions. It has 4 independent channels of unbalanced....

NIRAX 19 " Closed Rack 42U
NIRAX 19 " Closed....

Price: Call / Nego

Racking system designed to mode of internet server, shelf server is design appearance according to standards uniform from server by using unity cabinet. Virtually shelf is a....

Kursi Quadra DLDM Type Rockwell
Kursi Quadra DLDM....

Price: Call

A chair quadra
- chrome plated finish
- 50mm foam seating
- height 84 cm
- width 44 cm
- length 52 cm
- pipe box

BOSCH Volume Control
BOSCH Volume Control

Price: Nego / Call

Volume Contro serves to regulate big, small volume issued via the audio output to your liking.

Kursi Quadra DLDM Type Rhino
Kursi Quadra DLDM....

Price: Call

A Chair Quadra
- chrome plated finish
- height 88 cm
- 44.5 cm wide
- length 55 cm
- pipe oval

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