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Pupuk Mikoriza ( Mycorrhizae)

Price:Rp. 40.000/kg atau Rp. 200.000/kemasan
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Quantity:3.000 kg
Pack. & Delivery:5 kg

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A mycorrhiza ( mycorrhizae, mycorrhizas) is a symbiotic ( generally mutualistic, but occasionally weakly pathogenic) association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant.

In a mycorrhizal association, the fungus colonizes the host plants' roots, either intracellularly as in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi ( AMF) , or extracellularly as in ectomycorrhizal fungi. They are an important component of soil life and soil chemistry.

Mycorrhizae form a mutualistic relationship with the roots of most plant species ( and while only a small proportion of all species has been examined, 95% of these plant families are predominantly mycorrhizal) .

Mutualismu symbiotic relationship is beneficial for plants such as:
1. Roots growing very rapidly, so that nutrients can be absorbed more.
2. Mycorrhizal able to take nutrients which are very difficult in the dust the plants, so it can be absorbed by plant roots.
3. The hairs mycorrhizal able to withstand other pathogens that can damage crops.
4. Root hairs can store and search for water, so the plants resistant to drought.
5. The four points above lead to faster growth, higher yields and fertilizer more economical ( to be minimized to 50% )

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