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We sell any kind of shape cute jelly for kidz kids include character, words, number, fruit, noodle, like bubble, fish, flower, ice cream, egg, doughnut. Our product is rainbow nata jelly, served cool....

[Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
WhatsApp: 08561085887 08561085887
UKM-ANITA  Dec. 11, 2014 0:36:54

-WANTED AGENTS / RESELLERS ! - ANITA founded in 2003 the target of PRAKOP Bekasi. Various Awards and Certifications have been owned by ANITA since its establishment until today. This is what makes....

[Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
MARKETPLACE DEPOK  Dec. 7, 2014 23:19:07

we are selling mozzarella cheesse, premium sausage brand kanzler and kebab as well as tortilla.

[depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
Shoia Silky Dessert  Dec. 7, 2014 0:46:10

We are a company engaged in the field of food, we make and sell products that we named: SHOIA SILKY DESSERT. Our products are made from the original soy dairy ingredients and are free of....

[Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
WhatsApp: +6287884055405 +6287884055405
MIKAKU  Nov. 23, 2014 15:11:35

MIKAKU is an on-line shop that sells any food frozen products and snacks, packaged and marketed. The available products are: 1. Shrimp-Chicken + Cheese SIOMAY ( frozen) 2. TAYSIER Marning Corn....

[Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]

PT. Sentral Multimitra Gemilang is a leading national consumer goods company in food and beverage like Citoku, Tritos, Seabits, Vialli and Hola. Right now, we are expanding our business and we are....

[BOGOR, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
Cuanki  Oct. 7, 2014 18:34:35

Our Home Industry Cuanki. instant food or fast food can be mixed function Meatballs or noodles or for other processed foods. way of cooking in boiling water boiled with approximately 5mn in meatballs....

[Garut, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
wikron hakim  Oct. 1, 2014 5:06:16

saya berbusiness didunia maya and saya yakin sukses menjadi pebusiness handal with kejujuran, keyakinan and kerja keras

[depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
Arrventour  Sep. 28, 2014 11:39:18

We are one of a travel agent and our highlights is to organize almost any specialized wish for the individual travellers and groups trips around Indonesia, especially West Java Province. We have....

[Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
jbuanne  Sep. 27, 2014 17:09:11

bergerak dibidang kuliner dan fashion, mempunyai sertifikat lulusan terbaik Bogasari, pernah membuka bakeri dan warung makan

[Cimahi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
Raihan Chocolate  Sep. 24, 2014 13:48:55

Raihan Chocolate, established since 1998, started from a hobby to make chocolate-based cakes and chocolate candy, has a marketing authorization with a certificate from the health department and halal....

[Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
CV. Berkat Aneka Pangan  Sep. 18, 2014 11:53:29

CV. Berkat Aneka Pangan ( BAP) was established at July 5th, 1996 by its founder Joseph Limantara. Our company is operating in the cereals and snacks manufacturing industry, and focus on manufacturing....

[Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
Kuliner Van Java Factory  Sep. 5, 2014 18:09:40

We are manufacturer of Indonesian food with basic ingredients of traditional food which is processed to add value taste and quality materials and packed with modern packaging. Two products....

[Kab. Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
Tahu Bakso Mr. Taso  Sep. 5, 2014 8:08:39

Mr. Taso is a brand that is quite popular in Indonesia. We focus on food products prepared if the Tofu Meatballs. With long experience, we try to bring a dish for the Indonesian people who Tasty, ....

[Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
CV.Maju Jaya Sukses  Jul. 15, 2014 19:06:30

Our company ( 2012) is headquartered in the city of Bandung, West Java - Indonesia. stand with some marketing combined with brand start TAHESTA which then slowly increases to have a personal brand....

[Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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