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Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Planing Co.,  Ltd.
Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Planing Co., Ltd.
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Registration Date:Feb. 03, 2008
Last Updated:Nov. 17, 2008
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Established in 1996, Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co, .Ltd. is a professional exhibition organizer registered in industry and commerce bureau, organizing all kinds of Economy and commerce expos. We are equipped with loyal clients from both domestic and overseas, widely relationships with government and institutions, high reputation in exhibition industry, and good comments from clients.
Our company is majoring in organizing Int l Hotel Facilities & Supplies Expos in Xian, Guangzhou, Tianjin in every May, September and November with our unique brand, which is some how the gathering of hotel professionals. Also we organize other exhibitions like Cleaning Technology exhibition, Touring Crafts exhibition, Industry equipment and Transportation exhibition, ect.,
With the step of China joining in the WTO, Huazhan will train high-quality professional personnel constantly. Huazhan is on the way to be an international exhibition organizer.

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