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Name:Mr. Raymond [Sales]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: violentzzz@yahoo.com Y!: violentzzz
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Raymond at Jakarta Barat
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Raymond at Jakarta Barat
Address:Jl. Kembangan Utara
Jakarta Barat 11610, Jakarta
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Registration Date:May. 21, 2012
Last Updated:Oct. 10, 2013
Business Nature:Trade of Construction & Real Estate category

Company Brief

We Provide Building Materials and Home Improvement needs.
Such as :
- Sands
- Cement
- Mortar
- Paving Block
- Steel
- Woods
- Floor Deck
- Metal Roofing
- Paint and Chemicals
- GRC Board
- Gypsum
- Bricks
- Waterproofing
- Zinc Chromate
- Sanitary
- Handle and Pull handle Solid, Gradino, Kodai, BLC, and others.
- Garage Rail System
- Electrical
- Furniture Fittings and others.
For more information details , please kindly contact us by Phone at 021-70857025.
Via Email Violentzzz@ yahoo.com.

Cahaya Bangunan
( Building Material Supply and Development)

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