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Ningbo Bolex Cutlery Inc.
Ningbo Bolex Cutlery Inc.
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Name:Mr. xie mingjun [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. xie mingjun at Ningbo fenghua
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. xie mingjun at Ningbo fenghua
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. xie mingjun at Ningbo fenghua
Ningbo fenghua, Zhejiang
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Registration Date:Oct. 05, 2008
Last Updated:Aug. 17, 2009
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Food & Beverage category

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Company Brief

leading company in china for professional knives ( for butchers, slaughters, chef' s mainly, hunting knives) and knife related items, .catering equipments and professional cooking accessories.china. diving knife, marine knife, hunting knife, survival knife, army knife, meat mincer accessories, meat grinder plates knives blades, hotel and catering supplies, butcher supplies, commercial knives, commercial can openers and tomato slicers, paring knives and knife sharpening steels sharpeners, commercial cooking accessories and meat processing plants knives and tools.

Major Products / Services
  • knife sharpening services cutlery services
    china factory of professional knives and cutlery, 25 years supplying to the knife grinders all over the world at very lower prices who are doing business of factory sharpening services, grinding service, rental and exchange program, mobile sharpening as well.

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