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Name:Mr. Candra [Marketing]
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Skype: candra_buwana
Mobile Number:6281359926992
Phone Number:6281359926992
Address:ikan mungsing 6/88
surabaya 60177, Jawa Timur
Benalu teh dibungkus plastik dan dus. Per bungkus beratnya 500 gram. Harga murah, bisa nego jika beli 10 bungkus
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Registration Date:Aug. 21, 2010
Last Updated:Feb. 28, 2012
Business Nature:Trade of Food & Beverage category

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Parasite tea has remarkable properties. Among his greatness is the content of antiretroviral and imunostimulator to inhibit the growth of the HIV virus, as well as boost immunity.

Parasite tea also proven efficacious anti-cancer. Properties were allegedly obtained from flavone compounds found in tea plants. In the various types of parasites there is a flavonoid compound quercetin, works as an inhibitor of cancer cell DNA isomerase enzyme that plays a role in the propagation and improvement of cancer malignancy.

We sell mistletoe tea at low prices.

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  • Benalu Teh
    Benalu teh mempunyai khasiat luar biasa. Diantara kehebatannya adalah kandungan antiretroviral dan imunostimulator untuk menghambat pertumbuhan virus HIV, sekaligus meningkatkan kekebalan tubuh.

    Benalu teh juga terbukti berkhasiat anti kanker.Khasiat tersebut diduga diperoleh dari senyawa flavon yang terdapat pada tanaman teh. Di dalam berbagai jenis benalu terdapat suatu senyawa flavonoid kuersetin, bekerja sebagai inhibitor enzim isomerase DNA sel kanker yang berperan dalam proses perbanyakan dan peningkatan ke­ ganasan kanker.

    kami menjual benalu teh dengan harga murah.

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