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Bali Virgin Coconut OIl

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Pack. & Delivery:290ml
Specification:Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a pure, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil, harvested and produced by hand from organic coconuts grown in rich volcanic soil on the slopes of Mount Agung, the holy mountain of Bali. The nuts are harvested every three months by a special harvester who climbs the thirty meter high crown of the coconut palm.

The coconut palm is considered throughout Asia the Tree of Life because of the rich and nutritious content of its nuts. Our Bali VCO contains 55 57% lauric acid, the same as mother' s milk, which is known to boost physical health and the immune system and contribute to well-being.

The production of our Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil brings benefits to many. Our facility is located in one of the poorest areas in East Bali and provides work for the local farmers. Our efforts support the continued planting of the Tree of Life in organic soil, and thus produces an income for the farmers who harvest the coconuts and jobs processing the oil for other local people. Part of the profit is used to sponsor the children of the poorest to receive an education and to support community projects.

Consuming Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil increases vitality. Bali VCO contains powerful healing agents. The husks of the nuts are used for various purposes, cooking and handicrafts. The left-over product of pressed coconut meat is fed to animals. Growing of the coconuts, harvesting, production and the resulting product, which contains many nutrients and has healing powers, is an ecologically friendly affair.

Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is organic, produced from freshly harvested, organic coconuts grown on the slopes of the holy mountain Agung without any fertilizers and pesticides. The mountains volcanic soil provides the environment in which the rich nutrients found in the coconut can develop.

Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed, produced from fresh coconut meat soon after the coconuts are opened without using heat, at a temperature below 35 degrees Celsius. Each coconut is carefully chosen and opened by hand.

Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from the first pressing of the fresh coconut meat within a few hours from opening. The gentle process involves separating the meat from the shell, grating and processing the coconuts in a highly hygienic environment.

Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a natural health food. It can be used as a food supplement and is known to boost the immune system and maintain vitality and health. It is easy to digest and increases the energy level.

Quality control - Much care goes into the choosing of each coconut and the entire production process. A high standard of hygene is maintained from the moment the coconut is opened until the oil is filled into the jar, thus ensuring utmost purity. We are presently applying for international certification to register its fine quality.

Shelf life - Although Bali VCO does not contain any chemicals or preservatives, it can be kept for over three years without deterioration or loss of quality. When exposed to temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius it turns to fat without losing its quality.

Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a cooking ingredient can be used for cooking. It may be re-used several times since it does not develop any carcinogenic by-products as other regular cooking oils do.

Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for massage and as an ingredient in cosmetics soothes and relaxes the body. It can alleviate eczema and some skin ailments. It is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Ngakan Putu Suardika [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:62-31-81338534333
Phone Number:62-31-81338534333
Address:Desa Nongan
Karang Asem 80863, Bali

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