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Philips Lighting ( Lampu Philips) Authorized Project Dealer 081281120441 Jakarta

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Philips Lighting ( Lampu Philips) Authorized Project Dealer 081281120441 Jakarta
Philips Lighting ( Lampu Philips) Authorized Project Dealer 081281120441 Jakarta
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Name:Mr. Gunawan [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:081281120441
Phone Number:081281120441
Address:Jalan TB Simatupang
Jakarta 60293, Jakarta
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Registration Date:May. 24, 2010
Last Updated:May. 27, 2010
Business Nature:Trade of Construction & Real Estate category

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Company Brief

We Provide Energy Control Solution dedicated to serve companies & Convert Industry. Our products and ranges starting from supply of new equipment in a project or sophisticated customized design for total project management until upgrading existing system for better performance and energy control.

We Represent some of world leading principals and manufacturers of products and servicesfor leading energi control industries in the world.

We have successfully experienced in many projects in the field of oil and gas, mining, general industries, Commercial Building as well as telecommunication all over indonesia.

We established in 2003 started focused on energy control business as Indonesia Authorized representative for ENERCON Engineering / Enercon System International, world class manufacturer of switchgear & Generator Set Control Panel.

After Couple years provide solution for reputable companies in Indonesia in many area of business, and to strengthen position as business partner in energy control solution, we develop the service by become distributor of LKE Electric and Project dealer of Global brand PHILIPS LIGHTING System.

We also appointed by GE / General Electric as Project Dealer for GE Power Control Components, Transformer, Bus duct, and control Panel products.

Surabaya Branch have Commercial Fuel Business Operation and Lubricants for industrial and Marine customer with focus at East Java Area, Representing Shell Brand.

We also supperted by Hanindo and Transtank Australia for Hydrocarbon Storage dispensing system include fuel Management system for more accurate usage control and eficiency. with this service, we will able to offer integrated Fuel Lubricant Hydrocarbon services to customer, a value add for customer.

We also authorized agent of Mitsubishi Engine and Generating Sets. We' re also supplying full range of Elora Tools for Heavy Equipment, with focus on mining market at Kalimantan.

We also provide complete piping solution, consisting of pipes, fitting, valves, flow instrumentation and jointing accessories, as integral part of ALIAXIS Group a World Leader in Our sector with presence across 40 Countries.

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