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semen putih tiga roda

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Specification:Indonesian Standard: SNI 15-0129-2004

American Standard: ASTM C 150-04a

White Portland Cement ( WPC) / White Portland Cement is a type of high-grade cement. White Portland Cement is mainly used for architectural works, precast concrete and reinforced with fiber, panels, terrazzo surfaces, stucco, cement paint, tile grout / tile and decorative structures.
White Portland Cement is made from raw materials selection of low iron and magnesium oxide content ( raw material. Causing cement gray) . The degree of whiteness is measured by a different standard, but quality Three Wheel White Portland Cement reaching around 85 using methods Kett C-1.

White Portland Cement can also be used for the construction process in general and currently the only White Portland Cement production in the country.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Zulfahmi [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:087821911211
Phone Number:(0451) 424392
Fax Number:(0451) 429664
Address:Jl Kemiri No. 35 Palu Barat
Palu 94223, Sulawesi Tengah
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