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Name:Mr. Ricki [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Ricki at Rawamangun - Jakarta Timur
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Ricki at Rawamangun - Jakarta Timur
Address:Jalan Kayu Jati 1 blok 2 no 16
Rawamangun - Jakarta Timur 13220, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Apr. 01, 2012
Last Updated:Apr. 01, 2012
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Food & Beverage category

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Rendang Padang and Payakumbuh and this, in for the second normal Taste.Taste slightly spicy and hot ( Real hot like rendang) .Rendang are available in several variations as there are tiger is adding beans, small potatoes or whatever you want to serve food in the rendang ( In order) . In This is to make the perfect rendang expect customers can order 3 days in advance. And we need infokan we can also accept orders in bulk.

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