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PT Apases - Ahli Pompa Batam - Pusat Pompa Batam Indonesia - Batam Pump Specialist

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PT Apases - Ahli Pompa Batam - Pusat Pompa Batam Indonesia - Batam Pump Specialist
PT Apases - Ahli Pompa Batam - Pusat Pompa Batam Indonesia - Batam Pump Specialist
Ebara, Monoflo, Euroflo, Lowara, Davey, Calpeda, SAER, Dinflo , Torishima , Walrus , Kenflo , Bombas Azcue , Itur

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Ebara Pump Batam Indonesia

Ebara End Suction Pump, Ebara Submersible Pump, Ebara Close Coupled Pump, Ebara Stainless Steel Pump, Ebara Multistage Pump

Monoflo Pump Batam Indonesia


Monoflo Pump Batam represented by Apases, ex stock, for end suction pump, pompa rumah keong, booster pump , transfer pump, cooling tower pump, chiller. Material Cast Iron or All....

Euroflo Pump Batam Indonesia


Euroflo Pump : Euroflo End Suction Pump, Euroflo Marine Pump, Euroflo Horizontal Split Case Pump , Euroflo Close Coupled Pump, Euroflo Self Priming Pump, Euroflo Stainless Steel....

Water Pump Batam Indonesia

Dinflo Submersible Pump , Hot Water Pump, Dinflo Stainless Steel Pump, Dinflo Sewage Pump, Dinflo Deep Well Pump, Dinflo Multistage Pump, Monoflo, Euroflo, Torishima, Sero, Ebara, ....

Diesel Fire Pump Batam Indonesia

Diesel Fire Pump, Electric Fire Pump, Jockey Pump, Monoflo, Ebara, Torishima, Lowara

Jockey Pump Batam Indonesia - Monoflo, Lowara


Jockey Pump is Apases Batam product, Monoflo, Lowara, Goulds, CNP. Vertical Multistage Stainless Steel Pump.

Davey Pump Batam Indonesia

Davey Pump Distributor in Batam. Dynajet X50, X70, X90, Dynaflo, 165S, Jet Pump, Hotel Pump, Booster Pump, Submersible Sump Pump, Plastic Pump, XF Series, Torrium Controller, ....

Jet Pump Batam Indonesia - Davey, Nocchi, Dinflo, Dab

Jet Pump in Batam distributor. Davey, Nocchi, Dinflo, Dab. For house, hotel, farm, fishery, garden, bungalow, villa. Stainless Steel Material. Automatic Jet Pump and Jet Pump....

Booster Pump Batam Indonesia - Monoflo, Ebara, Dinflo, Lowara, Davey, Torishima, Euroflo

Booster Pump in Batam, Paralel Alternate, Automatic Change Over, with WLC, Star Delta Control Panel, DOL Control Panel, Weather Proof, IP 55

Tsurumi Submersible Pump Batam Indonesia


Tsurumi Pump Batam, Zenit, ISE, Homa, Ebara, Flyght, Fujico, Dab, Submersible Sump Pump, Submersible Sewage Pump

Portable Pump Yanmar Batam Indonesia

Yanmar Portable Pump, Koshin Portable Engine Pump, Honda Portable Pump, Diesel Pump, Gasoline Engine Pump, Portable Fire Pump, Davey Portable Engine Pump, davey Portable Fire Pump....

Tsurumi Batam Indonesia Type LH 311 W


Tsurumi 80LH311W ex stock Batam. Outlet 3 inch JIS 10K, Capacity 590 lit/ min at 60 m. Power 11 kw with star delta motor. Dry Weight 130 kg. Cable leng 8 meter. Material: Grey....

Self Priming Marine Pump Batam Indonesia - Stork, Johnson, Ebara, Monoflo

Johnson Pump, Stork Pump, Marine Pump, KGE Stork, Ebara SQPB. Suitable for Sea Water, Agriculture, Diesel Oil, Water, Dirty Water

Koshin Battery Operated Pump Batam Indonesia / Koshin DC Pump Batam Indonesia


Koshin DC Fuel Pump Batam Indonesia, Koshin Battery operated fuel pump batam indonesia, Koshin FS-24D Batam Indonesia, Capacity 50 lit/ min , head 9 m, suction 3 m, 24 Volt DC , ....

Chemical Transfer Pump Batam Indonesia - Viko / Steady

Chemical Transfer Pump available at Batam. PT Apases offer Viko and Steady Brand. Suitable for Various Chemical and corrosive liquid. Material in CFR PP, ABS, etc

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