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Name:Mrs. AR Souvenir [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. AR Souvenir at BOGOR
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. AR Souvenir at BOGOR
Address:jl.Sonokeling blok A / 6 Budi Agung
BOGOR, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Apr. 26, 2012
Last Updated:May. 04, 2012
Business Nature:Trade of Gifts & Crafts category

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HP : 085710042090
Home : Jl. Sonokeling Blok A / 6 Budi Agung BOGOR, WEST JAVA, INDONESIA
Has : Ibu Rizka Nurdiah
Phone : ( 0251) 8316286
Guaranteed the best quality, reasonable price

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