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2 Oktober 2014

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Products Catalog : WOMAN HANDBAG  May. 29, 2012 2:43:26

1. Material: Pure goat and sheep wool and camel hair with a pure leather 2. Suitable for women outing and daily life usage.

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  • Products Catalog : red coral type 2  Nov. 29, 2011 0:05:06

    diameter is from 4.5 mm to 8 mm , quality is 60% : Good quality, New and clean, Price/ 1kilo is 1150 euro. and available with many quantities

    Supplier: Coral Jaafar [Beja sud, Beja, Tunisia]
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    Products Catalog : Jewelry Box  Sep. 6, 2010 3:38:21

    A gorgeous handmade jewelry box made up of wool , leather and wood .

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  • ADFUELS  May. 18, 2010 13:37:28

    ADFUELS is a Public limited company declared at the agency of Tunisian industry, as Biofuels Producer Industry. Registered office at 3, rue Abou Errayhane Al Bayrouni, 2080 Ariana - Tunisia.

    [Ariana, Tunisia]
    Sell : olive wood spatula  Jan. 1, 2010 3:23:16

    manufactured by olive wood existing in various dimensions. no chemical addittive is alloted treated only with plant oil usable by nature in the kitchen

    Supplier: olive wood hajjem [sfax, Tunisia]
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    Products Catalog : Oliver wooden crafts  Nov. 30, 2009 23:18:58

    We sell oliver wooden crafts, 100% natural and hand made. So items can be designed on your own application.

    Supplier: Mercatoria SCI sarl [Sousse, Sousse, Tunisia]
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  • crystal import export  Mar. 15, 2009 15:37:05

    we are a trade company. we do import and export of all products ( textile , security and protection product, laboratory product, jet ski and diving )

    [Tunis, Tunisia]
    MADO TRADING COMPANY  Jul. 21, 2008 17:21:13

    We are a Tunisian company dealing with rural land products such as: citrus fruits, well known NOURA dates, extra virgin olive oil, Granada... We export and distribute our products in several African....

    [ARIANA, Tunisia]
    ELWAFA  Jun. 29, 2005 13:31:15

    We are metal scrap company specialized in non ferrous scrap.

    [Sfax, Tunisia]
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