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Alat cleaning service | cleaning equipment | Tempat sampah | alat kebersihan
Menjual berbagai macam Alat cleaning service | Peralatan Housekeeping hotel | Peralatan kebersihan | Peralatan Rumah sakit dan alat kesehatan | Serving safety
Alat cleaning service | cleaning equipment | Tempat sampah | alat kebersihan
Alat cleaning service | cleaning equipment | Tempat sampah | alat kebersihan
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Ms. Yati SE
[Director/CEO/General Manager]
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JLN Makam Pahlawan Komplek Taman Juanda Blok P2 nomor 10
Bekasi 17111, Jawa Barat
Terima Service mesin-mesin cleaning service rusak atau mati seperti : blower keong - vacuum cleaner - polisher machine - Vacuum Industri - sweeper -Small Maintainer - SCRUBER MECHINE -WIND BLOWER Raid on batre dll
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Alat cleaning service | Alat cleaningservice | Alat cleaning service
Cleaning service tool :

1 cigarette ashtray TUBE place a small lift
1b ashtrays where smoking TUBE big lift
2 sickles
3 Fres BAY STELLA ( 250 ML )
Trolley Supermarket | distributor Trolley Supermarket | pabrikasi Trolley Supermarket kapasitas volume 60 liter
Supermarket Trolley | Supermarket Trolley distributors | Supermarket Trolley manufacturing

We sell a wide range of supermarket trolley, thank costome

We are ready to send....
Trolley Supermarket | Trolley belanja supermarket kapasitas 100 liter
Supermarket Trolley | supermarket shopping Trolley capacity of 100 liters

We sell a wide range of supermarket trolley volume capacity of 100 liters, thank costome Trolley....
Distributor Trolley Supermarket | Trolley belanja supermarket kapasitas 180 liter
Supermarket Trolley | supermarket shopping Trolley capacity of 180 liters

We sell a wide range of supermarket trolley volume capacity of 180 liters, thank costome Trolley....
Lembaga pelatihan kerja cleaning service | Lembaga pelatihan general cleaning bersertifikat disnaker
General cleaning service business opportunities:
1. Business opportunities office cleaning your carpet.
2. couch wash business opportunities
3. Spring bed wash business....
Cuci sofa | spring bed | cuci karpet bekas banjir
Cuci sofa

Wash minimalist sofa
Wash sofa modern sofa
Wash folding sofa Sofa
Wash the teak wood carving sofa sofa
Wash sofa bed Sofa
Wash sofa Sofa davinci
Wash sofa....
Glass cleaner | floor cleaner | karbol wangi | Stainless cleaner | hand shop| wax strips | New complate | MPC
Mungkin maksud Anda adalah: Kami menjual berbagai chemical cleaning service dengan merek Anthony Fresh chemical cleaning service untuk Industri Pabrik. chemical cleaning service....
Handsoap pembersih tangan | cairan antiseptik
Hand Soap is a special liquid soap for washing hands, made from cellulosic materials, an-ionic surfactants and natural fragrances. Clean, soft, fragrant and safe for skin.
Floor cleaner | cairan floor cleaner
Product Details Floor Cleaner
floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner is a liquid floor cleaner with a high concentration. Contains a combination of Non Lonic, Surface Active Agents and....
Sabun Hand Soap Sabun pencuci Tangan
Hand Soap Hand Soap is the most powerful washing.

to cleanse the hands of oils, fats, food scraps, butter the palms and hands from the dirt that menempe.

- Hand Soap apple....
Detergent laoundry cair
Loundry detergent liquid is

We sell liquid Laundry Detergent 4 liter size

to loundry kilogram and loundry hotel
Alat poles marmer - poles marmer murah - Alat poles marmer Merek FORTEE
2. Marble Polishing MACHINES.
4. Polishing MACHINES TRASO.
5. Polishing....
Bak sampah troly | garbage bin | waste bin | tong sampah 120 liter | bak sampah
There is some type or size

large plastic garbage can with HDPE plastic raw material, strong, not easily damaged, resistant to sunlight, with a size of 1100 ltr, 660 ltr....
Tempat sampah 120 liter bahan fiber
Bak Fiber Waste of materials our products are Bath Waste whose function is used to separate good or Segment Waste Organic Waste, An Organic and Toxic Substances, Garbage Trash can....
Gerobak sampah dorong type B-110B tilt container
Gerobak sampah dorong B-110B tilt container
Gerobak sampah 240 liter | gerobak sampah 120 liter
Our company specializes in the production of garbage bin with high-quality, toughness and durability, to create clean, beautiful new life for you.
Plastic Trash Bin, Trash Can, ....
vacuum cleaner murah 10 liter | 15 liter | 30 liter,  60 liter,  70 liter,  90 liter,  wet & dry
SHIMONO handy vacuum cleaner

Type Dv-288 optional 600-700 watt

- Turbo powered hand vacuum.
- High performance 700 watt motor.
- High capacity.
- Collection....
Perlengkapan House Keeping | Perlengkapan House Keeping | Perlengkapan House Keeping | Perlengkapan House Keeping
Equipment Hotel / hotel equipment / house keeping product / room boy cart / bell boy / house keeping cart / trolley janitor / lugage trolley / room boy / trolley / trolley bell....
Tempat sampah organik dan non organik singgel dan doubel
Bak organic and non organic waste.

Fiberglass materials, plus Custom Color Logo

Singgel trash.
Doubel trash.
Distributor Tempat sampah Merek JAVA CLEAN Jual berbagai aneka macam tempat sampah Plastik dan fiberglass
java clean, fiber bins, organic bins, plastic bins, bin 120 liter, 240 liter bin, trash sulo, fiber bins 50 liter, 60 liter bin, 100 liter bins, selling various kinds of trash....
microfiber cloth | Distributor microfiber cloth | importir microfiber cloth ukuran 40 x 40 cm | Grosir microfiber cloth
product descriptions
java lap built with design super-soft plush microfiber safe and effective cleaning the surface with or without chemical detergents. They hold eight times....
Tempat sampah 120 liter | gerobak sampah 240 liter | Tempat sampah Merek Javaclean warna merah ijo abu-abu dan biru,  kuning,
120L Wheelie Recycling HDPE Plastic Garbage Bin/ Dustbin/ Waste Bin
Our company is specialized in producing Plastic Dust Bin, with a full range from 10L to 1100L. The plastic....
Trolley Bandara | Troly bandara import | troly bandara kelas dunia
Factory manufacture airport trolley

Key Specifications / Special Features

Overall size: 980 × 670 × 1050mm
Basket size: 525 × 225 × 150mm
Wheel dimensions: ¦ 180mm
Tempat sampah Sulo Bin Offer | Advert 120 | 240 liter | bak sampah sulo troly

large plastic garbage can with HDPE plastic raw materials, strong, not easily damaged, resistant to sunlight, with a size of 1100 ltr, 660 ltr suitable for factories, ....
Jual Pad merah 3M 16 inc | Pad coklat 3M 17 inc | Pad putih 3M 20 inc | Pad hitam 3M 13 inc

3M red pad
Chocolate Pad 3M
White Pad 3M
Black Pad 3M

Matches in the use searvice cleaning company for marble & granite floor buaving:

Kitchen equipment | Peralatan dapur hotel
Jual aneka peralatan kichen peralatan dapur untuk Restoran, Hotel, Cafe, Catering, Bakery seperti :

Load Transfer Rolley
Food Service Trolley, 3 Tiers
Service Trolley with....
Tempat sampah Limbah | tempat sampah faiber
Recycle Waste Bins

Recycling bins play an important role in helping us recycle waste. By using several bins to segregate waste according to its type, we can maximize the amount....
Hand polisher mesin poles body mobil | Mesin poles dinding marmer
hand polishing machines for marble walls, granite, ceramic
hand polishing machine to polish the car body
Karpet nomad 3M | Karpet nomad 3m | Karpet nomad 3M
3M Nomad NET RUBBER CARPET IN / OUT DOOR - 3M floor mating.

Description: Carpert rubber with fibers form a very useful to reduce dirt and dust up to 99% of the external....
Backpack Vacuum Cleaner | vacuum gendong Merek FORTEE
Machines carrying a vacuum cleaner is ergonomically designed and comfortable. Stand on the shoulders and the belt can be adjusted according to the size of the operator. There is a....
Keset nomad 3M | keset nomad 8A
* For placement on the outside or inside the entrance to the facility.
* Vinyl loops scrape dirt and moisture from shoes, allowing it to fall into the mat and are not tracked....
Konveksi Seragam kantor | BAHAN DRIL seragam Clening Service| seragam satpam| seragam baby sister| seragam pabrik
javazindo supplier / sell service clening MATERIALS shirt khaki uniforms.

Clening 1.seragam office
Cleaning 2.seragam hotel.
3.seragam Cleaning house
Cleaning 4.seragam....
Mesin poles marmer | mesin cuci karpet| mesin polisher
Marble polishing machines and carpet cleaning machines, machine polisher

MACHINE polisher 17 " ( 154 RPM) 1 year warranty INCLUDES: Scrub Brush Holder PAD SOLUTION TANK

Tissue kotak | tissue toilet | tissue jumbo rol
Tissue cleanning service equipment:
- Tissue cleanning equipment service hotel
- Tissue cleanning service office equipment
- Tissue cleanning service equipment manufacturer.
Mesin cuci karpet| mesin poles marmer | MEREK FORTEE | type A- 005

A. Washing Machine CARPET.

1. Machines for cleaning your carpet home.
2. Washing machine for the office carpet.
3. Carpet factory for....
Kain pel | kain pel | kain mop
Matches in use for cleaning companies searvice:
3.Rumah ill.

Kain mop 250 gram
Kain mop 350 gram
Kain mop 450....
Vacuum cleaner 30 liter | Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning equipment CV.Javazindo sell many kinds of vacuum cleaner types of machines, from cheap to most expensive fortee vacuum, wet & dry vacuum cleaner has been tested in great....
3M NOMAD | Nomad 3M | kesed nomad | floor mating 3M
3M Nomad Carpet NET RUBBER IN / OUT DOOR 3M Nomad sandals and layers
Country of Origin: Germany
& Delivery: Plastic

Description: rubber Carpert who modal fibers are useful to....
Jasa cuci gorden| cuci vitrace| cuci hordeng
receive wash curtains including unloading and reattach done in 2 ways:

1. Dry clean
2. Laundry

for its high price is below 3 m adalalah:

1. thick 8.000/ m2
2. thin 6....
Helem proyek | Alat sefty
helem project to pelinding head

Protector to the head while at work on a project or a very good material pertambangan.dengan dankualitas the perima.
Vacuum industri | VACUUM INDUSTRIAL | VACUUM CLEANER | Industrial vacuum cleaner
Matches in use for cleaning companies searvice:
3.Rumah ill.
6.Industri factory. Etc.

Ring polisher merek fortee | Krishbow | minutment | colombus | gihbli
Buckle, Machine Components polisher, polisher ring fortee brand

Your choice of cleaning tools in our

Cleaning Equipment in Surabaya
Cleaning Equipment in jakarta
Scrubber Gadlee GT50
Scrubber Gadlee GT50 latest models

GT 50 is Mid-Size auto scrubber
has modern features unmatched. KleenMaster
GT 50 is designed for ease and
simplicity of use.
has an....
Contaiiner sampah 6 kubik | Contaiiner sampah 10 kubik
Contaiiner trash 6 M3
Contaiiner waste 10 M3

explanation of Contaiiner regular trash in use in complex layperson to your local shelter before it was brought to a waste....
Polisher kodok-Multi-function Floor Machine BD1A
Multi-function Floor Machine BD1A

Number: BD1A
Name: Multi-function Floor Machine

Multi-function Floor Machine

Voltage/ Frequency 220AVC/ 50Hz
Floor Brush and Scrapper with Handle | Sikat lantai import
loor Brush and Scrapper with Handle
Floor Brush and Scrapper with Handle
Click to enlarge

Features :
Anti Bacteria
High Absorbency
Insert - Locked mode
Tiang infus | tiang infus rumah sakit | Peralatan rumah sakit
Pillar IV

Tempat sampah fiberglass,  Bak sampah fiberglass. Tong sampah fiberglass double Tong sampah fiberglass single
javazindo fiberglass or prouduksi was ready to make a variety of types of fiberglass bins with a variety of sizes and colors, according to according to Speck and anda.Kami also....
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