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PT. Andalan Karya Teknik Mandiri
Welcome to
PT. Andalan Karya Teknik Mandiri


Our company focused on following area:

1. Fiber Optic, Cable and accessories product;

Product Brand: YOFC
Our product are produced in China with Phillips technology applied, we are listed on 5 Top Brand in the World.

2. Lightning Protection System;

We construct and design the Lightning Protection System base on our client' s needs.

The system comprises of:

a. External System
Product Brand; Viking - an Early Streamer Emission System,
locally produced with IEC 1024-1, NF C 17-100, NF C 17-102, NFPA 781 standard specification applied.

b. Internal System
Product Brand; Dehn - The world' s number 1 specialists in lightning and surge protection.

We also provide other communication and electrical related Products and Services.

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