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Tasbih Kayu Kokka/ Kaukah Asli

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Specification:Beads & WOOD BRACELET KOKKA / Did you
Kayu Kokka often called Did you / Muslim jurists is one of a very old wooden memoirs days of Noah AS time he got a boat with a Kokka wood, When the time of Prophet Musa showed him miracles with a wooden stick Kokka time against the forces of magic King Fir ' Aun, time AS Syuib time of the Prophet, Prophet Sulayman Kokka also use wood, beads and even the Prophet Muhammad also of wood Kokka.
This wood is a rare wood that is protected by a number of Middle Eastern governments. Kokka grows on Mount Sinai, a small forest near Istanbul, settlement banks of the Nile, and a number of villages in Nigeria. Some Islamic scholars believe that Wood Kokka / Is that you are one of the miracles of the Prophets of the remaining current.
Based on History and Benefits of Wood owned Kokka, we also strengthen energy / tuahnya the charging energy and khodam, The benefit / usefulness as follows:
A. Wooden houses in which there is: God willing, safe from threats and harassment various types of creatures.
2. If there is a child who cries a lot and do not want to sleep: put it under a pillow or soak into the water and then in Drinks, God willing, will be fast asleep.
3. Toothache: Soak in warm water, then rinse and use for drinking, God willing cured.
4. Headache, muscle or muscle: rub into the affected part, insha Allah relieved.
5. Fever, sore throat: soak in water and in drinking or in drops into the mouth, God willing cured.
6. Exposure to toxins; wading into the water and in drinking, God willing cured
7. God willing, if brought traders would sell.
8. When used in official / leader / supervisor will be followed by bawahanya and have dignity.
9. Gnomes can banish ghost / jinn are mischievous, healing trance, cranky child, subject to convulsions, etc..
10. Able to cure various diseases, both medical / non medical, dental pain, headaches, thyroid problems, cancers, tumors, eye disease, stroke, gout, the subject of witchcraft / witchcraft, etc..
11. Insha Allah can survive: Had worn on the body, God willing, will be protected from wild animals or venomous.
12. Put on the affected portion of venomous animal bites, God willing, will be gone all venom.
13. If brought together when the unjust encounter, God willing, will be safe and secure.
14. Kaukka in life when people are going to bother us, God willing, they will not harm.
15. Historically prevailing in neighboring countries, liberation liberator has brought in four areas during the war, and resulted in a blurred view of the enemy and the wearer gets the victory.
16. If in a very desperate situation, whatever the hot metal, God willing it will not harm the wearer who believe and work righteousness.
17. To anyone who has it, took it even one seed, keep the practice and ask Allah SWT to be protected from the dangers of disease, etc..
18. And there are many benefits / other appropriate uses intention, God willing, will grow more efficacy when used as beads for dhikr.
Verily Allah Almighty Sovereign, too, who above all else, Wood was Syareatnya kokka only and we must keep hope and Ridho license from him.

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