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Jual Table Mat, ESD Rubber Mat Anti Static, 2 mm

Price:Sesuai Pesanan minimal 1 Rol
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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order, Bank Cheque
Pack. & Delivery:1 Roll = 10 Meter
Origin:Korea (North)
Specification:Table anti static Rubber Mat are made of Conductive anti-static and static-dissipative materials and synthetic rubber. Thickness of the surface layer is a 0.5mm thick static-dissipative layer. Thickness of the bottom layer is a 1.5mm conductive layer.
Total thickness is 2mm thick double-layer structure is used.
The colour available in the light green and dark green.
The Conductive ground is made of quality conductive material and synthetic rubber.
Layer of surface and bottom layers have resistive of 103-105 that using the black color.

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Email : adiyasaabadi@ gmail.com,
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Name:Mr. Ibu Tya, Ibu Lydhia [Marketing]
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