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 Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY ChEETAH 2002H  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2001H  Products Catalog:Full Body Harnes FBH 30503 Astabil ( Copy Karam PN 23 )  Products Catalog:Rope Grab Fall Arrester  Products Catalog:Absorber Astabil  Products Catalog:Welding glove Tuff Hide CIG  Products Catalog:Fall Arrester Karam Pn 2000 B  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Karam Pn 22  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Karam Pn 23  Products Catalog:Protecta AB 114135  Products Catalog:Air Compressor 3/ 4 Hp Moswell  Products Catalog:Air Compressor 1Hp Moswell  Products Catalog:Air Compressor 1/ 2 Hp Moswell  Products Catalog:Gasoline Water Pump 6.5 HP Body gemuk Honda  Products Catalog:Gasoline Water Pump 6.5 HP Wp30A  Products Catalog:Gasoline Water Pump5.5 Hp Wp 20A  Products Catalog:selang Sunny Hose Fujikawa 1 1, 2 "  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 119KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 6KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 3.5KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 2KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 3KG Powder  Products Catalog:Fire Extinguisher Unosafe 1kg powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 9KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 125KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 90KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 47KG Powder  Products Catalog:fire extinguisher Unosafe 42KG Powder  Products Catalog:Full Body Harnes Astabil 10301 + Double lanyard  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Stabil 10301 + single Lanyard  Products Catalog:Full Body Harnes 30402 + single Lanyard  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Astabil 30402 + Double Lanyard Absorber  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Haidar 2014  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Haidar 202  Products Catalog:Double lanyard absorber A Stabil  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes FBH 30402 ASTABIL  Products Catalog:Full Body Harnes FBH 50605 / Copy PN 56 ( Astabil )  Products Catalog:Ful Body harnes FBH 10301 A STABIL  Products Catalog:Fall Arrester ASTABIL  Products Catalog:Fall Arresters PN 2000 a  Products Catalog:Work Positioning lanyard A Stabil  Products Catalog:Helm Climbstar/ Helm Panjat  Products Catalog:Red Wing 8241  Products Catalog:Red wing 2245  Products Catalog:Red Wing 6604  Products Catalog:Helmet Protector HC 53  Products Catalog:fastrac Lokal  Products Catalog:RED WING 3227  Products Catalog:RED WING 3226  Products Catalog:RED WING 2270  Products Catalog:RED WING 2226  Products Catalog:BONPET  Products Catalog:Double lanyard Pn 361  Products Catalog:Helmet CAMP  Products Catalog:Helm Msa Original  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Dbi sala 380  Products Catalog:Coverall Nomex III a  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boot AP Safety  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boot AP Terra white  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boot AP Terra yellow  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boot AP Terra 3  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boot AP Terra 2  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP 2  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP 1  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP Terra Green  Products Catalog:Sepatu boots AP 9905 BL  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP XT  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP 9506 GR  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP 9303 GR  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boot AP 2007  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP 2003  Products Catalog:Sepatu Boots AP 2006  Products Catalog:Bata Darwin Hitam  Products Catalog:Bata Frazer  Products Catalog:Bata Acapulco  Products Catalog:Bata Rafles  Products Catalog:Bata Darwin  Products Catalog:Sepatu Dr Osha 3398 / nevada Boots  Products Catalog:Sepatu Dr Osha Hero Straps  Products Catalog:safety shoes Dr Osha 3199  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Dr osha 3218  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Dr osha 3177  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY DR OSHA 2228  Products Catalog:Sepatu Dr Osha 3298  Products Catalog:Bata Jurong  Products Catalog:Bata Hero  Products Catalog:Nomex/ Coverall anti flame  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Safeguard Double hook Absorber  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Safeguard Double hook Tanpa Absorber  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Safeguard single hook Besar  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Safeguard single hook kecil  Products Catalog:Tandu Lipat Empat  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Db sala  Products Catalog:3m 3100 Respirator  Products Catalog:Ear Muffs Emu 44 Protector  Products Catalog:3M 8511 N95  Products Catalog:Red wing 6646  Products Catalog:Red Wing 8242  Products Catalog:Red wing 2321  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Pn 11  Products Catalog:safety Gloves RF1, MULTI PURPOSE HAND GLOVES Rubberex  Products Catalog:Safety Cone Besgard  Products Catalog:KACA MATA SAFETY KY212  Products Catalog:Sepatu Cheetah 3228 C  Products Catalog:masker maskr / masker karbon  Products Catalog:masker 3m 8210  Products Catalog:Respirator 3M 6000  Products Catalog:Respirator Blue Eagle Np 306  Products Catalog:Respirator Blue eagle Np 305  Products Catalog:Webbing sling  Products Catalog:Single lanyard Pn 209 karam  Products Catalog:Single lanyard Pn 208 Karam  Products Catalog:masterlock  Products Catalog:Emergency Oxygen Portable  Products Catalog:Firs Aid Kits Ao Safety  Products Catalog:Safety Gloves DG NRC1 MAXX GRIP Rubberex  Products Catalog:safety Gloves HAVEA PRENE HAND GLOVES HP 300  Products Catalog:Safety gloves NEOPRENE NEO400 Rubberex  Products Catalog:NITRILE HAND GLOVES RNF 15 Rubberex  Products Catalog:Convex Mirror Indoor / Outdoor  Products Catalog:Fastrac Msa  Products Catalog:Helm msa Full Brim  Products Catalog:Stretcher Roda / Tandu Roda  Products Catalog:Tandu Lipat Dua  Products Catalog:Tandu Lapangan  Products Catalog:Sit Harness karam PN 51  Products Catalog:Full Body Harness karam PN 56  Products Catalog:Traffic Delineator Post / Stick Cone  Products Catalog:Rubber Speed Hump  Products Catalog:Folding Traffic Cone  Products Catalog:Double lanyard karam PN 351  Products Catalog:Ear Plug One Touchâ „ ¢ Dispenser clasic  Products Catalog:Ear Muff Blue Eagle  Products Catalog:Ear Muff Peltor™ Optime™ 95 Headband  Products Catalog:Ear Muff Peltor™ Optime™ 95 Folding Headband  Products Catalog:Life Jacket Dolpin  Products Catalog:Life Jacket Lalizas  Products Catalog:Eyewash Laboratory and Hand Held Drench Hoses   EL450  Products Catalog:45 Litre Self Contained Eye Wash/ Body Spray Self Contained/ Portable   EL481  Products Catalog:Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Eye Wash Hand Operated  Products Catalog:Eyesaline Refill Bottle  Products Catalog:Eyewash Self Contained / Portable   FEN462  Products Catalog:Eyewash Portable Self Contained / Portable   FEN100  Products Catalog:Welding Speedglas™ 9000 Shield with Fresh air C  Products Catalog:Welding Protective visor with 3M™ Adflo™ PAPR  Products Catalog:Welding 3M™ Fresh air C Compressed Air Respirator  Products Catalog:Speedglas™ 9000 FlexView with Fresh air C Welding  Products Catalog:Welding Protective visor with 3M™ Fresh air C  Products Catalog:Red wing 3221  Products Catalog:Red Wing 2233  Products Catalog:Red Wings 2214  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 5103HH  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 5102AH  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 5101AH  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 5002HH  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 5001 Cb  Products Catalog:Safety shoes Cheetah 5001AH  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 3209  Products Catalog:Safety shoes Cheetah 3112 C  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 3110 H  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 2291 H  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Cheetah 2290 H  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Unicorn 2302 Kx  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Unicorn 2301 KX  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Unicorn 1803 Kn/ Kx  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Unicorn 1801 Kx/ kn  Products Catalog:Kompas Suunto Kb 20  Products Catalog:Kompas Suunto Kb 14  Products Catalog:Safety Hat  Products Catalog:Bata Sportmates Titan  Products Catalog:Bata Sportmates Edison  Products Catalog:Reflective Harness to suit Leather & Webbing Belts oldam  Products Catalog:Multigas Detector Altair 5 msa  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes karam PN 41  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes karam PN 43  Products Catalog:Full Body harnes Karam PN 42  Products Catalog:Safety shoes Kws 941x  Products Catalog:Safety Shoes Kings Kws 841 X  Products Catalog:Ear Plug Np 352  Products Catalog:Lanyard ENERGY ABSORBER FALL ARREST LANYARD EF 32  Products Catalog:Executive Lace Up  Products Catalog:Sepatu Dr osha Elegant sporty  Products Catalog:Comfort lace Up  Products Catalog:Sepatu Dr osha Colorado Excecutive  Products Catalog:Sepatu Dr osha Chairman Lace up  Products Catalog:Sepatu Dr osha Berkeley slip on  Products Catalog:Sarung tangan worksafe WORKSafe® Rubber Palm Coated Gloves  Products Catalog:Sarung tangan worksafe  Products Catalog:PVC Safety Boots AP SAFETY  Products Catalog:PVS SAFETY BOOTS WORKSAFE  Products Catalog:PVC Safety Boots TOYOBO  Products Catalog:PVC Safety Boots ERGOS  Products Catalog:RED WING 2326  Products Catalog:RED WING 1626  Products Catalog:ANSEL 37 175  Products Catalog:jas lab non woden  Products Catalog:SAFETY SHOES JOGER THYPHONN  Products Catalog:SAFETY SHOES JOGER NOVA  Products Catalog:Safety SHOES JOGER GALAXY  Products Catalog:SAFETY SHOES JOGER X0500  Products Catalog:SAFETY SHOES JOGER PRODONA  Products Catalog:SAFETY SHOES JOGER TORNADO  Products Catalog:Safety Coveralls  Products Catalog:Kleengurad A40 Safety Coveralls  Products Catalog:PVC SAFETY BOOT SAFE GUARD  Products Catalog:SARUNG TANGAN ANTI STATIC  Products Catalog:SEPATU CHEETAH 2288 c  Products Catalog:SEPATU CHEETAH 3002 H  Products Catalog:SEPATU CHEETAH 3001 H  Products Catalog:SARUNG TANGAN NYLON SEAMLESS KNIT LINET  Products Catalog:COVER SHOES PLASTIC  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFET DR OSHA 2218  Products Catalog:SEPATU DR OSHA 2388  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY DR OSHA 2222  Products Catalog:CHEETAH 2101 H  Products Catalog:SEPATU KRUSHER KEMBLA  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY KRUSHER WALLARO  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY KRUSHER NEWMAN  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2286  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2207  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2104 H  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2180 H  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2111 H  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2110 H  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2013  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2012 H  Products Catalog:GLOVES CHEMICAL RESISTANT  Products Catalog:FINGER COTS  Products Catalog:SEPATU KINGS KWS 803  Products Catalog:KRUSHER BROOME  Products Catalog:KRUSHER ALBANY  Products Catalog:Sepatu safety bata hero  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY WORKSAFE 8805  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY CHEETAH 2180  Products Catalog:KACA MATA SAFETY  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY KINGS KWD 806  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY KINGS 804  Products Catalog:SEPATU KINGS KWD 706  Products Catalog:SEPATU KINGS KWD 901  Products Catalog:SEPATU KINGS KWD 805c  Products Catalog:SEPATU KINGS KWD 805  Products Catalog:SEPATU SAFETY DR OSHA 2138  Products Catalog:SEPATU KINGS KWD 807 
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Safety Shoes Red Wing

Safety Shoes Red WingAbout Red Wing Shoes

Excellence is a standard which transcends the test of time. For over a century Red Wing purpose-built footwear has been at the spearhead of innovation in the standard of excellence for work boots.

Around the turn of the 19th century a Red Wing, MN shoe merchant named Charles Beckman saw a local necessity for shoes specifically designed for the demanding work of industries such as mining, logging and farming. The rigors of these jobs required footwear which was tough enough to outlast harsh working conditions, but Beckman envisioned a shoe that was also comfortable enough for the hardworking people who wore them. Beckman set out to develop work boots to fill this need and in 1905 he and fourteen investors opened a company that would change the market. Beckman named his company Red Wing Shoes, and thus a new standard for excellence was born.

Over one hundred years has passed since our founding and our commitment to producing only the highest grade footwear remains as unwavering as Beckman's vision. Our products consistently perform in environments spanning from the Mideast oil fields to the Midwest corn fields. Red Wing boots protect workers in more than one hundred countries across the world, an accomplishment built by years of hard work, endurance and the promise to never compromise on our quality.

A testament to that promise can be found in our Heritage collection which is made up of footwear that represents the American ideals of prosperous work and excellence. All the styles in the Heritage collection are designed and built just as they were fifty, sixty and even over eighty years ago and are all made using premium Red Wing Shoe Company leather from our very own S.B. Foot Tannery. They are handcrafted to the specifications which made each style timeless when they were first introduced.

Red Wing products are proven to perform and outlast. Behind each pair of shoes exists over a century of experience. So whether you are buying footwear, garments or accessories, rest assured that the Red Wing logo stands for a standard in excellence like no other.

Red Wing Shoes: Work is our work.

Additional Red Wing Shoe Company footwear:
Irish Setter
Irish Setter by Red Wing ShoesHunting and Fishing Footwear

Irish Setter is a brand that stands for innovation. We introduced ourselves in 1950 with the first of our breed, boot style 854. This distinctive boot was built using rich Red Russet leather, the color of an Irish Setter hunting dog. It was with that boot our tradition of loyalty to hunters began.

Our boots combine the determination of the hunt with the pride of a day’s work well done. Our commitment to the sport is what drives us. We are in the blinds, the stands, the swamps and the fields. We are tough enough to play hard and we work even harder. We are up before the dawn and stay long into the dusk. We are proud to be known as ‘the hunting boot that never quits.’

Like the loyal bird dogs who accompany their owners into the fields and
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Leather Type: Full Grain
Leather Name: Turbo Vegas
Construction: SuperSole® Welt
Insole: Texon®
Shank: Fiberglass
Last: 100
Outsole: Horizon™ SuperSole®
Non-Marking: Yes
• Full Grain Turbo Vegas Leather
• Removable RedBedTM Footbed
• Oil/ Slip Resistant HorizonTM SuperSole® Sole
• SuperSole® Welt Construction
• Fiberglass Shank

Rating : ....
• Full Grain, Waterproof Dark Brown Gambler Leather
• Removable ComfortForce® Footbed
• Oil/ Slip Resistant HorizonTM DL SuperSole® Sole
• Dual Density SuperSole® Welt....
Product Description:

Leather Type: Full Grain, Water Resistant
Leather Name: Turbo Vegas Leather
Construction: Direct Attach Welt
Insole: Texon®
Last: 594
Outsole: ....
Full Grain, Water Resistant Turbo Vegas Leather
Dual Density Supersole Welt Construction
SD Cushion Footbed
Oil/ Slip Resistant Mini Lug SuperSole 2.0

Rating: EN ISO 20345 ( ....
2326 Red Wing Women' s 6-Inch Boot Brown

Full grain brown leather
Comfortable padded collar and gusset
Electrical hazard rated
Removable RedBed™ footbed
Red Wings 2214
eather Type:
Full Grain, Water-Resistant
Goodyear Leather Welt
ASTM F2413-11, M I/ 75 C/ 75
Boot Oil, Leather Protector
D 7-12, 13....
Red Wing 2233
Leather Type:
Full Grain, Water-Resistant
Leather Name:
Velva Boomer Leather
SuperSole® Welt
Red wing 2245

Full grain Briar Hard Hat leather is barnyard chemical-resistant
Padded leather collar for added comfort
Durable, high-traction SuperSole®
ASTM approved I/ 75 C/ ....
Red wing 2321


Full Grain, Water Resistant Black Star Leather
Opanka Construction
TPU Shank
Nylon Covered Polyurethane-SD Footbed
Oil/ Slip Resistant Forager Sole

Red Wing 8241
8241 Red Wing Mens
9-inch Pull-on
Steel Toe EH
Puncture Resistant

• Full Grain, Water Resistant Brown Boomer Leather
• Oil/ Slip Resistant Mini Lug SuperSole® Sole
• ....
Red Wing 8242
8242 Red Wing Mens
9-inch Pull-on
Steel Toe Electrical Hazard

• Full Grain, Water Resistant Brown Boomer Leather
• Oil/ Slip Resistant Mini Lug SuperSole® Sole
• ....
Red Wing 6604

Type I SD protection

Leather Type:
Full Grain
Leather Name:
Black Mustang Leather
Cushion with 3/ 4 Leather Sock Liner
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