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Name:Mr. Jimmy Setia Pribadi [Marketing]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Jimmy Setia Pribadi at Denpasar
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Jimmy Setia Pribadi at Denpasar
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Jimmy Setia Pribadi at Denpasar
Address:Jl. PB. Sudirman No. 4X
Denpasar 80115, Bali
Kami Masih Terima Pendaftaran Informasi Iklan Usaha Anda Di Buku Yellow Pages Telkom, Untuk Edisi 2010 s/ d 2011
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Registration Date:Jun. 29, 2010
Last Updated:Jul. 22, 2010
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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Up. Leadership & Management

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Advertising Offers TelkomYellow Pages


In relation to the issuance of Telephone Guide ( CPM) , Telkom, which will come, let us bid advertisement in yellow pages Yellow Pages PIB Jakarta, as well as other cities in Indonesia CPM
( Surabaya, Semarang, Batam, Manado, Balikpapan, Solo and other big cities throughout Indonesia) .

Armed with confidence in Mr / Ms, Current Product Range and Type of Business which can be informed through PIB Telkom' s Yellow Pages, are increasing rapidly every year. At the same time, the Yellow Pages also has more Connecting Consumers and Business Partners Purchasing Ready to transact.

By the issuance of Business Information Guide Book Yellow Pages upcoming issue, we Introduce an offer to Mr / Ms to recover the benefits of advertising on the Yellow Pages ( Yellow Pages) Telkom Telephone User Guide Infomedia Nusantara.

Infomedia Nusantara CPM has issued Telkom' s 69 regions across Indonesia. Advertising can also be made to some areas and in some classification CPM business altogether. Now, advertise in the Yellow Pages are also increasingly Saver CPM. Operating Mr / Ms automatically registered in the Yellow pages On the Internet ( www.yellowpages.co.id) , Hello Yellow ( yellow pages service via phone) 031-5350111, National 108 08081, 108, 108 and Yellow Pages on SMS ( 3690 - Satelindo, Matrix or 8108 and IM3 - Telkomsel and TelkomFlexi) .

For more details, See website: www.yellowpages.co.id & www.infomedianusantara.co.id

Thus this offering, for your attention and cooperation gratefully acknowledged.

PT. Infomedia Nusantara Telkom
For further information contact:

Jimmy Setia Pribadi
Advisor Ad Bali - NUSRA
T / F : 0361-8865265 / 085 237 942 575
Fax : ( 0361) 8424-210
Email : jimmy.setia @ infomedia.web.id

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