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Tabita Skin Care, Cosmetic Products specifically for facial care.
Formulated using natural ingredients such as collagen, POWDER pearls, Japanese Tea, Japanese Papaya, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Not use hazardous materials such as MERCURY and hydroquinon which can cause skin cancer and addiction.

Please note that the characteristics of drug use MERCURY / hydroquinon usually on the use of the face will become red and are prohibited from direct sunlight. But Tabitha is not the case, with natural ingredients are formulated in a professional manner.
All Tabita Skin Care Products are very safe with no side effects and is suitable for all skin types ( Neutral) .

Your face will be shining, white, non-greasy and become tight as a baby' s skin.

With reasonable prices, efficient use, namely a package for the use of 2-3 months, but the results started to show in 3 weeks.
This is the solution for natural beauty! .

1 Package consists of Tabitha
1 Soap Front ( Contains Papaya)
1 Smooth Lotion ( Cleansing)
1 Daily Cream ( Used throughout the day ( morning-afternoon)
1 Night Cream ( Used at night)

For reservations and pricing Hub TATHA 0857-1081-3663 / 021-98770522

Please note before buying, for there are 3 kinds of Tabitha Package are:
Each package consists of soap, toner, day cream and night cream.
What differentiates from the 3 package, are:
Economical Package Volume Cream 15 g,
Regular Package 25 gr,
Exclusive Package 40gr
Packaging Cream
So to the consumer, Tabitha carefully before buying.! !
Know what consumers buy packages.
There Price is Fine: )

Tabitha Product Price List

Economical Package 525 000 RUPIAH ( Package)
Facial Shop, Smooth Lotion, Day Cream, Night Cream

Economical Cream Unit Price:

Daily Cream ( 15 grm) 170 000 RUPIAH
Nightly Cream ( 15 grm) 170.000 RUPIAH
Facial Soap 150, 000 RUPIAH
Smooth Lotion 150, 000 RUPIAH

Regular Package 625 000 RUPIAH( Package)
Facial Shop, Smooth Lotion, Day Cream, Night Cream

Cream Regular Unit Price:

Daily cream 225.000 RUPIAH
Nightly cream 225.000 RUPIAH
Facial Soap 150, 000 RUPIAH
Smooth Lotion 150, 000 RUPIA

725 000 RUPIAH Exclusive Package ( Package)
Facial Shop, Smooth Lotion, Day Cream, Night Cream

Unit Price:
Daily cream 250, 000 RUPIAH
Nightly Cream 250, 000RUPIAH
Facial Soap 150, 000 RUPIAH
Smooth Lotion 150, 000 RUPIAH
Note: for package Exclusive package creamnya pots made of glass material that is more exclusive with a diameter slightly larger than the regular package cream pot packaging, but for Facial Soap and Lotion Smooth packaging remains the same.

Product Price Product Tabita-Other:

1. Eye cream 150, 000 RUPIAH
Shaped Gel is used around the circle under the eyelid to brighten and tighten as well as anti aging around the eye circles

2. Acne Cream 150, 000 RUPIAH
Eliminate and treat acne is stubborn and only used or applied to the acne only 1x a day after using the cream at night.

3 .. Hand Body lotion 70.000 RUPIAH
Soften and keep skin moist 2 x daily use after every shower.

4. Body Scrub 90, 000 RUPIAH
Cleaning the dull skin and remove impurities and dirt embedded in the skin used 2x a week

5. Face Powder 190 000 RUPIAH
Powder ( loose powder) Bise used daily by first using a day cream as foundation and the protective skin from the sun

6. Matt Finishing 290 000 RUPIAH
Liquid Powder can be used for special occasions instead of powder, are to make the face look more shiny, bright, clean, supple and fresh. ( No need to use to sehari2)

7. Special Cream ( 40 GRAM) 325 000 RUPIAH
Used 2x a week instead of night cream, but is recommended for ages above 35 years as fasteners skin cream, anti aging and maintain skin moisture and suppleness.

FOR QUESTIONS AND ORDERING HUB TATHA 0857-1081-3663 / 021-8383-3860 ( esia)
BB PIN 238683d8
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