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PT. Sewan Lumen Mirifica

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PT. Sewan Lumen Mirifica
PT. Sewan Lumen Mirifica
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Name:Mr. Praseno Utomo [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:021-93119975/08129937257
Phone Number:021-93119975/ 08129937257
Fax Number:021-6331567
Address:Jl KH Moh Mansyur No.11
Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta
Pabrikan Kimia Industri Merk MICCO
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Registration Date:Jan. 30, 2012
Last Updated:May. 08, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Chemicals category

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Our company is move in cleaning chemicals and chemical maintenanceproducts: thresher paint / rust / scale, oil purifier / crust, cooling, anti-rust / scale, non-stick, spray lubricants, etc. With the brands " MICCO " . Our chemical treatments for help working machines ( lathes, ganzet, chiller, cooling tower, air conditioning, stamping, rubber, gear, chain, molding, carburator, etc.) , automotive, ships, boats, trains, etc.. Our company is willing to come to the you to give an explanation / sample at no charge. Thus our acquaintance, we say thank you for your attention.

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