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PT. Refined Bangka Tin

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PT. Refined Bangka Tin
PT. Refined Bangka Tin
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Name:Mr. Dedy Apriyadi [Purchasing]
Phone Number:0717-92666
Fax Number:0717-95444
Address:Jl. Kawasan Industri Jelitik
Sungailiat 33125, Bangka & Belitung
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Registration Date:Nov. 12, 2009
Last Updated:Jan. 20, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Mineral, Metals & Materials category

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Company Brief

PT. Refined Bangka Tin ( RBT) is a private Integrated Tin Mining and Industry company established in 2007. Located in Sungailiat-Bangka Island.
The company was founded to meet the growing demand of export-oriented high quality Refined Tin.
By producing high quality Refined Tin and providing the best value products for its customers, RBT has become one of the leaders of Refined Tin producer in Indonesia through the strength of its expertise and values.

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