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PT wana lestari indonesia
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Name:Mr. vicky mr [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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pekalongan 5113, Jawa Tengah
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Registration Date:Nov. 07, 2011
Last Updated:Dec. 01, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Industrial Supplies category

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we are engaged in the processing of oleo pine resin which we process into gumrosin and turpuntine ( alpha pinane) for those of you who need gumrosin turpuntine or contact me kami bergerak dibidang pengolahan getah pinus ( oleo pine resin ) yang kita proses menjadi gumrosin dan turpuntine ( alpha pinane )

gumrosin packing in drum galvanis 50 kgs net
gumrosin packing in drum galvanis 240 kgs net
turpuntine packing in drum fiber 170 kgs net


Color ligh yellow

Appearance transpararent

Softening Point ( R. & B.) 76 ° C min

Acid Value ( mg KOH/ g ) 166 min

Unsaponifiable Matter 5% max

insoluble matter in alcohol 0.03max

ash 0.02% max

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