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PT. Tridi Jaya is a manufacturer of shell charcoal since 2010, supplying to domestic and international markets with quality charcoal that meets buyer’ s requirements and specification. The increasing demand for coconut shell charcoal, due to its application in several industries has made this humble commodity an important growing industry for Indonesia. Our company has established burning sites in various parts of Indonesia for the production of coconut shell charcoal. Our products are dried, screened and inspected before export and we guarantee our charcoal to be of the highest quality.

Our guaranteed specification ( Coconut Shell Charcoal) :
Fixed Carbon > 72% ( Range 72 – 78% )
Moisture < 12%
Volatile Matter < 15%
Ash < 3%
Powder < 3%

We produce our product by our self in southern part of Sulawesi Island. Our burning site produces coconut shell charcoal and gives intensive training to the many farmers within our area. We bring our product to our location ( warehouse) in Surabaya and do reprocessing with quality controlling with a proper repackaging and store before export to our customer. We can guarantee the quality of the charcoal according with our specification above. Further below are our images of burning site and our joint farmer for our corporate social responsibility.

PT. Tridi Jaya is a certified exporter of charcoal products. Our products had been tested safe for loading and shipping in containers.

PT. Tridi Jaya’ s shell charcoal used mainly as raw material for the production of activated carbon and charcoal briquette. We consistently strive to improve our product and delivery time by listening to clients and their valuable feedbacks. This improves the communication flow between the buyer and seller, thereby reducing any conflicts or misunderstanding. We can manufacture various type of charcoal.

Our goals and objectives:
1) Providing clients with products of the highest quality.
2) Innovation and product expansion to cater to client needs.
3) To be a reliable and dependable trading partner.
For more information or enquiries, kindly please contact us.

PT. Tridi Jaya
JL. Jayagiri I No.2
Denpasar – 80234
Bali, Indonesia
Email: sucahya.jaya@ gmail.com

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