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PT. Asietex Sinar Indopratama

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PT. Asietex Sinar Indopratama
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Name:Ms. Nivi Luisika [Employee]
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Windows Live: nivi_luisika@hotmail.com nivi_luisika@hotmail.com
Phone Number:+62-264-319888
Fax Number:+62-264-318888
Address:Jalan Akses Interchange No 2, Dawuan-Cikampek
Karawang, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Sep. 23, 2012
Last Updated:Sep. 23, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Textile & Leather category

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PT. Asietex Sinar Indopratama is a leading company in knitting textiles industry. We are a medium scale enterprise with plans to add capacity to expand our manufacturing capability.
Our fully integrated production lines, from yarn dyeing, knitting, piece dyeing, printing to finishing are support by sophisticated machineries. A combination of Asian and European technology has given us competitive advantage.

Our worksforce is well trained. With these, we ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources. We are strongly competitive and proud to deliver a variety of high quality products to meet the demand of the global market.

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