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Name:Dr. Joseph Ogez [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Skype: mimeex.trade.s.a
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Dr. Joseph Ogez at Aba
Phone Number:Phone number of Dr. Joseph Ogez at Aba
Address:7 Obada Avenue, Industrial Layout, Wuse Zone 2- Aba
Aba 82, Abia State
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Registration Date:Sep. 01, 2011
Last Updated:Sep. 01, 2011
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Office Supplies category

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y brief introduction of our able firm, MIMEEX Trade S.A is an importer of all types of all types of stationery, textiles, beverages and machinery products but generally into contract business here in Rep of Nigeria linking foreign manufacturers / distributors to various types of goods to private and government sectors of Nigeria and we work on commission bases.

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