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  Previously we would like to thank the Almighty God because of the grace and grace Mantap Cargo can exist until recently, since 2010 Mantap Cargo was established. We also would like to thank to all users of our services, which we can not mention one by one that until now loyal and never use Steady Cargo.
  Our company is located in North Jakarta, is still active and serving inter-city freight ( domestic) and bulk import to Jakarta / Indonesia.
  Serving you with the best is our motivation, and also because we believe God and are able to become more advanced and bigger. And Steady Cargo already has a legal and permit the establishment of the company.
  PT. Mantap Abiah Abadi, a company engaged in the field of services, especially for the delivery of goods. We have 2 services, among others:
  1.) Domestic Freight, the freight services started or from Jakarta to the entire city or province in Indonesia. We provide special services for these services, where prices are inclusive of goods picked up from the location of the office, home or warehouse and we send you to the office location, home or warehouse you goal for the region is still the Big City ( Door To Door Services) .
  We are capable and able to serve the purpose of domestic freight Area Sumatra, Java, Denpasar, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Papua.
  2.) Freight Import Borongan, the delivery of goods from outside Negri in send / put Jakarta / Indonesia ( Import) with the contract system. Sender or receiver provide enough goods Commercial Invoice and Packing List from Shipper or State of Origin of goods, the goods will be accepted until the goal Jakarta / Indonesia.
  We are capable and able to serve the bulk of goods imported from Singapore, China, Bangkok, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and almost all over the World. ( Asia, Europe, and United States)
  For Domestic shipments, we have several shipping lines. Among others; Via Land, Sea Cargo Via, Via Fast Sea ( Pelni) , and Via Air. Domestic shipping is in addition to the deliverables in the form of goods we can also handle delivery vehicles such as Motor and Car from Jakarta to the entire city or province in Indonesia with door to door.
  Import Volume for delivery, we pick some shipping lines. Among others; Via sea ( LCL or FCL) and air.
  Much as we provide the best service and always give the best of us for our service users.
  Our goal gives priority and competitive rates to our service user satisfaction. How to serve You with our best services

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http:/ / tarif-harga-import-door-to-door/

http:/ / tarif-eksport/

http:/ / tarif-udara/

http:/ / arif-harga-kapal-cepat-darat-per-april-2013/

http:/ / tarif-lcl-fcl-menggunakan-container-kapal-cargo-per-april-2013/

http:/ / tarif-sewa-truck/

http:/ / tarif-kirim-kendaraan/
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