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Investasi Budidaya Ikan Sidat ( Anguilla sp.)

Price:Investasi Rp 100 juta per ton produksi sidat
Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order, L/C
Quantity:Farm 20 ton s/d 1.000 ton per tahun
Pack. & Delivery:Frozen vacuum sealed, Box styrofoam
Specification:Looking for Investor for Anguilla Fresh Water Fish Rising.

We Develop Eel ( Unagi) Farm with capacity 20 - 1.000 tonnes of eels/ year. Commissioning base project. We assist you in development efficient, modern Eel Farm. Open ponds, closed ponds, Intensive, or Semi Intensive Recirculated Aqua Culture System, Japan, Taiwan and Europe style Eel farm, with adjustment that suitable for local country condition.

We provide Engineering, Design n Construction, and Procurement in developing your Eel ( Unagi) farm. Also build bankable project proposal, financial analysis, simulation, provide eel culture guidance and training, build water treatement facilities.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Ir. Ariya Hendrawan [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: ariya_hnd Y!: ariya_hnd
Mobile Number:08875001727
Phone Number:62-88-75001727
Address:Jl. Talaga Bodas No. 33 Bandung (pickup point)
Bandung 40263, Jawa Barat
Farm Sidat/ Eel ( Unagi) binaan kami mempunyai kapasitas budidaya sidat 20 ton per tahun, dan menghasilkan unagi kabayaki ( sidat panggang) 1 s/ d 2 ton per bulan.
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