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Lampu OBL Obstivision K2 . XGP 388 + XGP 500 - PHILIPS

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We are sell The OBL Obstivision Lamp K2 . XGP 388 + XGP 500 - PHILIPS " Garanty 5yr - ORIGINAL By PHILIPS ' '
- Needed for Building and Tower, used as a higer sign - Sinyal Light / Warning Light
- LED Lamp use the 1st Quality to gain the Maximum Potential and The long live more than 50.000 hr

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PHILIPS - OBL Obstivision

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" PHILIPS Says ; "
...< Every journey starts with the promise of a safe arrival. That is why obstruction lighting becomes a vital factor in the efficiency and safety of any tall structures, buildings and airports all around the world.
...< Obstacle light marking the presence of tall structures that may be a hazard to air navigation at night is a legal requirement.
...< The lighting system must be designed to meet International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO) standards for product specification and placement to provide for a high level of safety and visibility.
...< The new and improved Philips ObstiVision K2 is a dedicated maintenance-free obstacle light for aviation warning purposes.
...< Its advanced high power LED with optimized optical design is able to create a reliable system based on only one single LED. It is suitable to be used as a Low Intensity, Type A obstacle light according to ICAO standards.

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Name:Mr. B.Harris + L.Agung + Eiril.SP + Johan.MR + Heru.K [Marketing]
Mobile Number:Fast Respon +6281287789060 / sms +628988098181
Phone Number:+622128890011 / 28890022 / 26218811
Fax Number:+622128890066
Address:Ofc : Jl.Sumagung I Blok:AB No:1 Kelapa Gading - JakUt 14000 , Str Hs : (1) Jl.Kihajar Dewantara No:67 Cikarang Utara , (2) Harco Mangga Dua
Jakarta Pusat 14000, Jakarta
Permintaan Barang e-mail to: ganesha.central.teknik@ gmail.com
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